Barcelona, vibrant, exciting and lots to do and see, including architecture by Gaudi.

We’ve written about Barcelona and Spain in quite a few articles here at Senior Holiday Travel.  Many seniors chose a long term holiday in Spain because it’s a very popular tourist destination for young and old alike.  It’s got beaches and golf courses nearby, pleasant weather year round, history, great architecture, culture, nightlife, wonderful food and wines.  In other words, it pleases a wide range of tastes and tourists.  How about things to do in Barcelona in a short period of time?

Renting a car from one of the biggest car rental companies in Europe (EuropaCar) will give you the freedom and independence to see what you want to see and go where and when you want.  Plan on spending about $120 Euros day for the rental of the car, including insurance.

On a budget?  Rent an apartment in Barcelona and surround yourself with history by finding one in the “Gothic District” of Barcelona.  Renting an apartment or condo is going to be one of the best budget options for you because hotel costs on a daily basis add up.  We found something decent on In an apartment rental, you’ll have kitchen or kitchenette.  Save a little cash by occasionally shopping in the local colorful markets and whipping up some of your own meals.  But don’t let that stop you from going out and enjoying the cafés and restaurants of Barcelona, of which you’ll find plenty.  Best advice, stumble upon good eats restaurants which serve up tapas, those delicious little dishes of tasty morsels such as jamon Serrano croissants, chicken tempura with saffron mayonnaise, melted provolone with mango and crispy ham or mini brochettes of pork.

What to see and do in Barcelona?  Visit the top 10 tourist sites which include the Sagrada Familia church, the Magic Fountain Show at night, the Picasso Museum, stroll along Las Ramblas street, visit the historical Gothic neighborhood, see Gaudi’s Modernist Park Guell, a UNESCO World Heritage site.  Check out the modernist architecture of some of the most unusual buildings you’ll ever see – three of them are located on the  Passeig de Gracia street.  Visit also the Spanish Village of Barcelona.  Take a Blue Tram to the top of Tibadabo where you’ll find an amusement park and the Sagrat Cor church and be blessed with some amazing views of Barcelona.  If you want, catch an exciting game of football at the Barcelona Camp Nou Stadium.

Where to eat in Barcelona?  Try various local restaurants and cafés you’ll find everywhere you go.  Most often, you’ll eat little dishes of the local food called tapas.  Our best meal was a tapa restaurant, I can’t recall the name but we came across it  quite by accident.  Total bill for dinner and drinks came to about 60 euros.

The food was excellent in Barcelona.  You can actually taste the food because the food in most places in Europe is organic.  There are no genetically modified foods, no glucose fructose, no peanut additives so commonly found in North American food.  Except for the obvious tourists, we didn’t see overweight people among the locals.  For one thing, it’s difficult to find a bag of chips anywhere.  There are cakes, pastries and sweets galore in Barcelona and although a piece of cake might cost you three euros, it’s really fine cake.  Proportion size seems to have something to do with the way people look.  They eat cheese, they eat bread, they drink wine, they eat cake, but they eat everything in small portions.  And they do what you will be doing in Barcelona – a lot of walking.


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