Next February, four friends (there maybe five of us in our group), all seniors like myself or boomers if you want to call us that, very much enjoying our golden years and all the suited for the senior vacations we take, are heading off to spend a long stay vacation in Spain.  We’re planning to stay for six weeks – we have the time, after all – we’re retired!  So we’ve been doing some research on senior holiday travel in Spain and found that the best idea for a long term stay is to find a villa to rent in Spain.

This will give us the best value for money and the prices, from what we’ve seen, are not bad at all – for the four or five of us together, we’re budgeting about $250 approximately for each person per week which is cheaper because it’s a long term holiday.  It’s cheaper definitely then, say, in a hotel would be.  We’ll also have to pay the electricity which will work out to about $50 each a week, a bit expensive, but it looks like it will all be worth it.  We are also going to have to pay for our individual flights to Spain, but I’ve saved my air miles and I’ll be using those.  The prices are not bad this year because tourism is down in Europe and the economy is Europe is not all great news this year, which makes Europe a bargain destination.

We regularly meet to discuss our plans.  We all get together and have dinner and drinks at eachother’s houses to discuss our vacation plans.  For our long term vacation in Spain, we’ve narrowed it down to two holiday villas to rent in Spain.

On our shortlist for our long stay vacation in Spain is a holiday villa called “Las Alturas” in Salobrena, and a holiday villa in Monte de los Almendro called the “Villa Maeve.”  We still have to decide which one we want to rent for our spring senior vacation in Spain. My personal favorite villa for our long stay vacation is the Villa Maeve, so I’ll start with a small description of it first of all.

The Villa Maeve overlooks the Mediterranean, situated on Monte del los  Almendros.  Not only will we have the Mediterranean to enjoy for amazing sunrises and sunsets but also for dining in the fresh air – al fresco.  Also in our panoramic view will be the Salobrena castle and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, dotted with villas.  There’s a  heated, non-chlorinated pool, surrounded by beautiful gardens.  The interior is nicely furnished with a classic elegant look.  We’ll also get use of the Monte community club with their sports facilities if we wish – that’s included in the rental – just a short walk away.  The Villa Maeve holiday villa sleeps eight people in the four bedrooms and has three bathrooms.

Our second choice for our long stay holiday in Spain is the Las Alturas holiday villa.  It’s located in the very Spanish village of  Salobrena and the Sierra Nevada mountains.  The Las Alturas holiday villa has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, so it’s smaller than the Villa Maeve.  It also comes with a heated pool. The kitchen of the Las Alturas holiday villa is fully equipped and if we wish to watch TV or listen to music, there’s a CD player and Satellite TV for use.

So we’re still meeting together next week to make our final decision on whether to rent the Las Alturas or the Villa Maeve holiday villas on this spring’s senior holiday in Spain – we know our long stay vacation is going to be in Spain, but which holiday villa to rent has been the topic discussed, happily debated (over a barbequed dinner, wine and beer.  The prices for both of the villas are about the same, but both differ in rates, depending on the travel season.

Both of these holiday villas can be rented from a website that has lots of villas for rent in Spain, and in fact, all over Europe for your long stay vacation.  If you want further information – go to


Photos Courtesy: Holiday-Rentals

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