­Seniors will find ease of travel, a hospitable climate, plenty of choices for accommodation and healthy dining on some of the best food and wines in the world.  If you’re planning a trip this spring or summer, here are some handy travel tips for seniors visiting Tuscany.

The best types of accommodations for long term stays would be in one of the villas, farmhouses or the more budget friendly option of renting an apartment just outside of Florence. Before you leave home, find your accommodation through your travel agent or book something online.  Gone are the days when one could just arrive in the city and find something suitable.

There aren’t a lot of senior discounts on travel in Tuscany available for seniors outside of the European Union.  But if you are an EU citizen and over 65, museum entrance is free when you show proper identification.  For train travel, a Carta Agento will give you a 15% discount on train travel (the Carta Agento costs 30 each year).  For long stay holidays in Tuscany, buying a Carta Agento would be a good idea.  If staying in a hotel, ask at the time of booking if they offer senior discounts.  No harm in asking.

If you are looking for more peace and quite, I recommend you stay just outside of the center of Florence.  You can travel into Florence by a short bus ride or walk if you have the energy and good walking shoes.

If you seek a villa in Florence there are many large old farm houses and villas to choose from.  For planning a holiday in the region some of the handiest travel tips for visiting Tuscany:  decide on the area you wish stay first as a base for your vacation.  Consider the length of time you want to be on vacation.  Book your accommodation.  Once you’ve got your accommodation booked,  you can rent a car and explore the entire region by touring independently.  If you are not up to driving, look into some individual tours of  Tuscany.  Florence, with all its museums, palaces, attractions, restaurants and cafés will require more than a day.  If you’re eager to visit the statue of David, the lineup to see this work of art is about an hour long, but it is worth the wait to see one of the most famous statues in the world.  Visit Pisa to see its famous leaning tower.  If you have plenty of time for your holiday, drive or take a coach tour along the coast of Italy.  Don’t miss taking a Tuscan cooking class or a wine tasting tour.  Tuscany can be a quiet and contemplative place to visit – something that has always attracted senior travelers to this part of Italy.  But peace and tranquility surrounded by stunning beauty are the main reasons one goes to Tuscany.  Add in the history, the architecture, the art and food, who needs a better reason to visit?

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