If you haven’t been to Paris, France – it’s about time for you to tour Paris. This summer there are plenty of excellent tours suitable for senior travelers to this city, one of the greatest cities in the world.

Known for hundreds of years as “the city of light,” France’s capital city is known for its history, palaces, museums, monuments, restaurants, cafes, wide boulevards, the Eiffel Tower and the River Seine and so more. The famous American writer, Ernest Hemingway summed up the city of Paris perfectly in his novel “A Moveable Feast.” The book is recommended reading if you are going to visit Paris for the first time. There’s so much to see that it could be overwhelming to try and see it all by yourself.

We highly recommend taking an organized Paris city tour to the places you want to see. Doing Paris on your own is next to impossible unless you’re staying for an extended vacation.

Many bus or coach tours of Europe will include the city of Paris on their European bus tours because of its popularity. This is an excellent option. But if you’re traveling on your own to Paris, doing some reading up on the city first. Make a list of the attractions you would like to visit. Check out a map of Paris and note the locations you want to visit.

Accommodation in Paris is not generally cheap. There are the best in luxury hotels, many of them well known and very expensive. Bargains can be found as long as you’re willing to do the research. Renting an apartment in Paris is an option to consider and some great deals can be found on websites such as AirBnB.

If a five star luxury hotel stretches your pocketbook, there are also some very charming little boutique hotels in Paris at the three and four level offering both comfort and charm. Many of these small hotels offer bed and breakfast. The ideal neighborhoods to find accommodation are near the Arc de Triomphe, Montmartre, and around the Eiffel Tower. You may also be able to find bargains near the Champs Elysée. Finding a hotel or apartment in a central location will make it easier to walk around the city or use the Paris Metro (the underground or subway system) to visit the most popular tourist attractions. The Paris Metro is excellent.

Some of the most economical ways to tour Paris purchase a Paris city tour offered by coach companies such as Globus or Trafalgar. These companies have long been offering European tours and include Paris as one of the destination cities.  Both companies offer reliable service for the senior traveler and the hotel accommodation and some meals are included in the price.

Spring, summer or fall are the best times to visit Paris but remember that in the summer, the city is hot and crowded. Shoulder seasons are the best time to tour Paris.

We recommend the following Paris city tours, take a look at these :

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