Ah California! California with its natural beauty, its pleasant climate and a host of activities available all year long, makes it an almost perfect destination for a long term vacation. There are plenty of options available for long term vacations in California.

Many seniors and retirees choose to go to the San Francisco area when they go to California. Probably six or seven out of 10 choose to go to San Francisco rather than to Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Many preconceived notions about Los Angeles and the surrounding area is about concrete, highways, and smog. Nothing could be further from the truth, although there is the concrete, highways, and smog, there is also desert, mountains, coastline, landscapes, museums, restaurants and so much more.

Many seniors also enjoy staying in and around Palm Springs. Further to the south is San Diego on the coast with pleasant beaches and parks.  There are also plenty of activities in and around San Diego – more than enough to fill a long stay vacation in California.

Where to stay in California?  You could strike up a long stay package with a hotel or find a real estate agent in whatever area in California you have decided to visit.

For apartment, condo and house rentals, the Home Away company is an excellent choice for long stay rentals and you can search online.  Forbes calls Home Away, one of the “Most Trustworthy Companies.”  Visit the Homeaway website below to find out what HomeAway.com has to offer in the way of apartments, condos and houses all over the San Francisco and Long Beach areas.

Some other reliable companies for long term vacations in California include the Monterey Vacation Rentals agency.

This company offers long term rentals in the Monterey Peninsula and Salinas Valley area in such places as Monterey, Pebble Beach, Carmel, Pacific Grove, Monterey, Pebble Beach, Carmel and Pacific Grove.

Orang Palm Vacation homes is a vacation home rental agency (Palm Springs Rentals) that offers a variety of homes from one bedroom condos to family and pet friendly homes to luxury homes in the Palm Springs to La Quinta area of California.

If you want to rent something long term in the San Diego area, there are lots of options.  Again, check out what they have at HomeAway.com because they list all the available vacation rentals in all areas of California with properties such as beachfront homes and condos.

Apartments, cottages, condos and villas are available for long term vacations anywhere in California.  Many of these are available on a “self-catering” basis which usually means that it’s not like a full service hotel.  You may have to supply your own bed linens and towels.  There may be a breakfast offered and maid services may only be offered on an occasional basis.  Sometimes there will also be charges for utilities such as electricity.

California offers a vast array of activities for tourists such as superb golfing, sightseeing, museums and restaurants. Driving through the desert for a few nights in Las Vegas is feasible and you can visit some of the abandoned mining ghost towns along the way such as the Calico Ghost Town.  You’ll need to rent a car to fully appreciate staying long term anywhere in California.  A highly recommended is a drive along the Pacific Coast highway to experience the true beauty of the California coastline.  If you appreciate wine, there are over 3,000 wineries in the state of California.

Long term vacations in California are also available with tours and/or cruises attached to a package long stay holiday.  Vacations such as these are usually offered by travel companies and not home rental agencies.  Decide first on the type of vacation you want and what your budget can afford and then begin your research online, a travel agent or California rental agency.

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