Looking for a nice vacation to the Caribbean that won’t break the bank? This is something that almost everyone dreams of and wants to turn it into reality.  A holiday at an all inclusive resort on a Caribbean island is, for many, the perfect winter getaway.  It’s also the best valued vacation around.

Set in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, there is a collection of islands such as Jamaica, Cuba, the Bahamas, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands and the Dominican Republic which offer ideal locations for a winter escape.

With the perfect geography and climate, it can be a dream come true holiday for a person to be on one of these islands. The best way to plan a trip to the Caribbean is to book an all inclusive trip at a resort and book early to get the best prices and rooms. The advantage of opting for an all-inclusive resort is that you will get a taste of everything in a single package, flight, meals, drinks and some activities are included in the price.  It gives you the best “bang for a buck.”

There’s an unlimited choice of many renowned Caribbean resorts that can be booked online or through a travel agent.  A good travel agent will be able to help you find a resort that suits your budget and needs and can provide details about the surrounding amenities in the area. Also important to consider is the safety of a particular island.

From the time you arrive on one of the sun-blessed islands of the Caribbean until you depart for home, your affairs are taken care of at an all inclusive resort. There are all inclusive packages available for those who travel with family and those who wish an adult only resort.

Keeping kids occupied is, in itself, a tough job when you are on a vacation. The resorts will be of great help to you because your children will find enough recreation to keep themselves occupied in programs especially designed with children in mind.  Resorts can also provide babysitting services.

A good idea before you decide on opting for a particular resort is that you compare what is offered at each resort. You need to keep in mind your budget before you take any decision in this regard. Do you want to be able to tour beyond the resort itself?  Is it safe to do so on your own?  Will the tours cost money?  Are water sports included in your package deal? Some resorts charge extra for activities such as snorkeling and catamaran rentals.

Depending on the facilities provided, the rates of the resorts vary.  Room rates will also vary.  By paying a little extra, you can get a suite with a view of the beach.  Perhaps you’d like a room that overlooks a swimming pool.  Consider if late night swimmers might disturb your sleep if you’re a light sleeper.

When you plan for such a trip it is wise to make all the decisions well in advance. If you look on the internet, you will find plenty of sources that will provide you with details of all the available resorts in the Caribbean.  Some websites provide hotel and resort reviews by previous travelers.  Some websites will enable you to compare one resort against another.

Other things of importance to consider before booking your Caribbean vacation:  Are you looking for nearby shopping, do you want access to a gym or spa services?  What type of food is normally served and is there more than one choice of restaurant on the resort?  Is there internet access and wifi? Will there be a charge for that service?

Make sure that you learn a bit of the culture of the island you plan to visit.  Pack your medicines in your carry-on luggage and get your travel shots if any are needed, well before your departure date.  A Twinrix vaccination is a must!

A vacation in the Caribbean at an all inclusive resort can be one of the best value deals if you only want a rest and relaxation on a white sandy beach with the incredible blue Caribbean sea lulling you to sleep.  Don’t forget the sunscreen and your camera.

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