At the time of writing, there are several hundred all inclusive resorts scattered across the Caribbean, and additional resorts are being built constantly. The Dominican Republic is home to over 100 of these, and Jamaica is home to almost seventy others. In Mexico, the Cozumel/Playa del Carmen/Cancun area has over 100, and the remainder are distributed around different islands.

For this year’s winners offering the cheapest Caribbean destinations for seniors head to either Mexico, Jamaica or the Dominican Republic.  These three Caribbean locales have been doing tourism for more than thirty years and they’ve managed to perfect the all-inclusive winter escape package.  Here are several we’ve found in Mexico, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic which are perfect for seniors and other travelers seeking budget travel.

Also, another option for a holiday is a Caribbean cruise because they are usually all inclusive and amazingly affordable, especially during low to shoulder travel season.

Remember, for the best prices in the Caribbean, book in shoulder season, go all-inclusive and try and book as close to the departure date as possible – in other words, book last minute.

The Dominican Republic

The cheapest resorts can be found in the Puerto Plata area of the island of the Dominican Republic. There are many all-inclusive resorts throughout the Dominican Republic and they succeed in providing the kind of winter escape tourists desire with miles and miles of splendid beaches.

Some of the cheapest resorts we found in the Dominican Republic are the Viva Wyndham Tangerine, the Riu Bachata and the Playa Dorada Beach resorts.

The Viva Wyndham Tangerine resort at Puerto Plata beach is also several minutes away from another of the wonderful beaches, the Playa Cabarete.  This 273 room resort is  family friendly and offers three restaurants, two bars, and a swimming pool to guests.  Each of the rooms at the Viva Wyndham Tangerine are fully equipped rooms, all with a large balcony.  There’s evening entertainment and a variety of activities to suit all ages.

Another inexpensive resort that offers all inclusive packages is the Riu Bachata resort located on the coastline of the beach at Maimon Bay. The Riu Bachata resort is surrounded by lush tropical gardens, most suitable for families and couples.  There are more than 600 bungalow styled accommodations, four restaurants, four bars and two swimming pools.  Other amenities at this stunning all inclusive resort include a gym and a spa.

The Playa Dorada Beach resort is another of those reasonably priced all inclusive beach resort sitting on the beach.  The azure blue waters and beige sand beach are bound to please.  This is a newly renovated beach resort.  Activities at the Playa Dorada resort include fantastic shopping, golf, nightlife, and casinos.

The Cozumel Resorts in Mexico

Cozumel is a tiny island south of Cancun and near to Playa del Carmen.  It has fourteen all inclusive resorts that are less expensive than the resorts available on its two neighboring territories. In Cozumel, you can enjoy all the advantages of island living, while only being a quick ferry journey from a fascinating town where you can find some interesting historical ruins and other attractions to visit.

Cozumel has an airport of its own, and direct flights into the island are often cheaper. However, the airport in Cancun is considerably bigger and has more direct destinations. Therefore, you may save money and time by using that one instead.

The Grand Palladium Resort and Spa in Jamaica

The Grand Palladium Resort and Spa on the north coast of Jamaica and 40 minutes from the Montego Bay airport. It is certainly grand and lives up to its name offering 540 rooms and suites to its guest – all tastefully decorated. Nonetheless, it is spacious enough for fun, romance and privacy and most suitable for couples and families. There are several swimming pools available (one of which is Jamaica’s largest), along with good sized rooms, mini golf, delicious breakfasts, brand name liquor and much more. The prices for all this are lower than most resorts with fewer facilities.

Fun Holiday Beach Resort in Negril is low-priced, two and a half star resort which has received some great traveler’s reviews.  It’s budget but lacks in nothing offering all you need in the way of amenities for a great vacation.  It’s got very friendly staff, good ocean views and located on the beach.

Cheapest Caribbean Destinations for Seniors — Final Thoughts

In the Caribbean, December to early April is ‘High Season’, and the end of December to early January is ‘Peak Season’. Some resorts charge ‘Shoulder Season’ prices in November and May, and June to October is usually classed as ‘Low Season’. If you are traveling during the off season, be aware that some resorts charge much less, whereas others barely alter their rates at all. The later you can book, the more likely you are to snag some last minute deals.

It is a good idea to check the separate prices of your flight and hotel, to compare it with the package price. Normally, the package price will be less expensive, but not necessarily, so it is wise to cover your bases prior to parting with your cash. If you wait last minute to book and can be flexible on departure dates and Caribbean destination, you can find some fantastic travel deals.

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