If you’re a regular reader here of Senior Holiday Travel, you’ll recall that we are traveling to Spain in February on a long stay vacation and I left off mentioning that we were debating on which of two villas we would rent. As you may recall, our small senior travel group of friends were trying to decide which of two villas to rent in Spain. Our choices were either a holiday villa called “Las Alturas” in Salobrena, or a holiday villa in Monte de los Almendro known as the “Villa Maeve.” There are five of us going and we’ve decided over a few dinners and barbeques to go with the Villa Maeve in Monte de los Almendro.

It looks like a splendid villa with magnificent views of the Mediterranean and the price, shared by five of us, ends up being quite reasonable. Also, we’ve chosen to go in February so we can take advantage of low season rates. When you travel with a group of friends, it’s a great idea to share the costs of renting a luxury villa or apartment where you can stay in comfort and style at a reasonable price. If you didn’t read the article on our upcoming trip in February, then please read Villas to Rent in Spain by clicking here.

However, we are staying in Spain for longer than a month and have two extra weeks to fill. Our senior travel group decided to spend one further week in Barcelona and another week in Granada, Spain. We still want to stay in luxury accommodations and we don’t mind occasionally cooking our own meals in a way to cut costs. (We’ve decided to take turns with the cooking). We will have to buy our own groceries but nothing gives one a better way of sampling the real life in a foreign country than this. Shopping in a market for your own food presents a great opportunity to experience local culture. Hotels can get quite expensive if there is a group of you traveling and if you stay for more than one night. For a group of people, the best hotel deals for long stay vacations are apartments, homes or villas for rent whether it’s a family or a group of senior pensioners like us. It’s much cheaper in the long run.

Now Barcelona is indeed a world class city and there aren’t many discounts for seniors even during the low season. It’s an expensive city for everyone, including seniors. We were looking for an apartment for the five of us seniors. We already knew that it would be much cheaper to stay in an apartment in Barcelona rather than a hotel. We used our partners, HotelsCombined, to find the best rates for finding an apartment in Barcelona.   HotelsCombined is the best hotel search engine on the internet. Also, it’s free to use. You enter the dates you need a hotel for and you get all of the best hotel booking sites in the results and can compare rates for the time you are going. So we searched for “apartments in Barcelona” and entered the dates we needed for a hotel and ended up finding a luxury apartment in Barcelona from one of the well know hotel booking websites that popped up as a result of the search.  The best deal was the Casp 74 luxury apartments.

barcelona-apartmentsThe Casp 74 luxury apartments are very swanky looking – modern design, and are great for a group of seniors traveling. There are 27 apartment of varying size in the building, depending on your needs. These apartment in Barcelona are centrally located, close to the subway (metro), bus and trains,  a short walk of 10 minutes to the Plaça Catalunya, main town square and Las Ramblas, avenue Passeig de Gràcia and about a 15 minute walk to the Cathedral. The airport is a 25 minute drive away.

What does our senior travel group have to pay for this apartment in Barcelona? Since there’s five of us in the group traveling, we’ll each pay $280 for the week. Not bad if you consider what the cost of a hotel in Barcelona would be if we’d chosen to go the hotel route. I’m finding if you’re a senior who loves traveling it’s one of the best ways to travel – in a group. You can find some great travel discounts and still stay in some of the most luxurious accommodations all over the world.

We’ve still got to decide on where our senior travel group are going to stay for the last week in Granada. As soon as we’ve decided our accommodations in Granada, Spain, I’ll let you know. Planning our senior travel is always fun, we get together over dinner, discussions and hover over the computer, planning, talking, debating even before we decide where we’ll spend some more of our retirement traveling to. We’re all of the same mind, esp., getting away from the cold of northern winter weather for some winter travel. Let us know where you’re spending your next senior vacation.

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