Accessible Travel Netherlands is a travel agency specializing in accessible travel around Amsterdam, Utrecht, and many other cities in the Netherlands.

This travel agency can assist you with any Netherlands accessible needs trips a client may be interested in.

Traveling to Europe can be challenging for those with a disability, but Accessible Travel Netherlands is here to help. This company is an expert in this kind of travel with years of experience in the field.  They work with clients who are physically, visually, or hearing impaired and design trips to cater to their needs. This agency also work with seniors who like to go at a slower pace or may have special needs.

They can arrange meet and greets at the airports (airport transfers), accessible taxis, and bicycles for individuals with various needs.  They have wonderful relationships with hotels that have wheelchair accessible rooms and this means some great rates for travelers.

Other options for the disabled traveler includes access to beach wheelchairs, and wheel chair accessible boats. They’ve also mapped out the best routes and restaurants for wheelchair travelers and visually impaired clients through many of the larger cities of the Netherlands.

Because they  have a good relationship with the hotels they work with, the Agency is given competitive rates and have priority booking during the busy times of the year. If you want to learn more about Accessible Travel Netherlands , you can explore their website.

There are also tours for handicapped persons offered by the 
Accessible Travel Netherlands.  They can arrange private tours in the cities. Also, if you would like them to send more information on the 8-14 day trips they offer, they would be happy to send you an electronic brochure on the tours.

Visit the Accessible Travel Netherlands website here at www.AccessibleTravel

From Cami Lee at Accessible Travel Netherlands Agency.

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