How did it all begin?


We decided to start this site when the kids had left home, our mortgage was all paid up and we no longer had to join in the rat race and get up and go to work each day.  When it was time to retire, we downsized and bought a smaller place because we wanted to pursue our love of travel.  We write for the boomer and senior generation – the mature traveler – people like us who are now retired and with time to consider all the places you wanted to visit but couldn’t earlier because of the responsibilities of life. Think of your bucket list.

We’ve been online since August of 2009.  My wife and I decided to start up this Senior travel site just after our first long distance voyage to Australia.  Since then, we’ve traveled to Europe, Egypt,  Dubai, Turkey, the eastern and western coastlines of the U.S.A., and Cyprus.  We’ve had nothing but fun and we’ve decided to share that fun with ideas, photos, tips and information for other boomers and seniors like us.  Still active and still curious.  We conquered using the internet and now we want to conquer and explore the world.

Social Media:  Senior Holiday Travel also has a couple of accounts on Social Media – if you’d like to follow us on Twitter – you’ll find our Twitter page here.  Senior Holiday Travel is also on Facebook.  You can easily become a fan of our Facebook page if you are already in Facebook yourself.  My wife started up a Pinterest page to share our own and others travel photos.  Follow us on Pinterest here.

We’ve been offering hotel reviews, travel advice and planning ideas for seniors like us since then.  In October of 2011, we began to work in partnership with Hotels Combined to offer hotel search and booking capabilities to our readers. We also assist with your booking of flights, long stay vacation rentals by placing ads on our site and work in partnership with Expedia, Cruise Direct and the CheapoAir so that you can search and find flights, hotels and cruise vacations directly from our site. This helps pay for the cost of hosting this website and writing great content for our readers.

By the way, things are looking different around here since September 30th when we updated our website for a fresh, more convenient site for you, our readers.  All our original articles are still here, plus the convenience of booking your hotels, long stay vacation rentals and flights directly from our site.

Bon Voyage to everyone.  Leave your job, but don’t ever retire from life!

Frank Harris

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