Wine Tasting Tours in Tuscany

For the mature traveler who plans on spending some time in Tuscany, your itinerary should not only include seeing the great Renaissance architecture, the art and walking through history, but it should also have wine tasting in Tuscany on the agenda.  Some of the greatest wines in the world are made right here. There are many wine tours for those who want to experience Tuscany in style and get a taste of some of the best wines in the world.  Life is enjoyed and savoured at a slow pace in Tuscany, making it ideal vacation destination for seniors.  Why rush?

Wine tours usually start in the early morning because they can take up to a whole day.  A wine tour in Tuscany means much more than just tasting the wine, there will be lunch or a dinner, sightseeing – visiting perhaps a castle or abbey too.  Many of the vineyards in Tuscany are located on hilltops overlooking a splendid view of the surrounding landscape of cyprus trees, olive groves, Medieval castles, rolling hills and vineyards. These scenic views offer some gorgeous visual opportunities for the artist or photographer.

To understand more about wine, most tours will take you around the vine yards and vinery, starting at the VAT room where the process of de-stemming and vinification are described by the tour guide in detail. It’s a learning opportunity. You will visit the wine cellar where the wines are stored where they wait for the appropriate age before market. Each visit ends with a wine tasting session and the opportunity to purchase a few bottles of wine made at the winery. Some wine tours include a meal of delicious Tuscan fare accompanied by the most perfect wines, giving you also a chance to understand the ways that both wine and food are intricately related.

To get most of the Tuscany wine tour it’s best to take a full day tour because many tours also incorporate a visit to nearby villas, olive groves and castles. The day will be a memorable day in Tuscany for you and your travel companion.  There are many wineries in Tuscany but the most renowned Chianti region – the oldest wine making region of Tuscany.  Chianti wines are made with the Sangiovese grape produced in the Chianti region.  There are other towns that should be included on a wine tour.  The town of Montalcino where the famous Italian Brunello wine is made, the region of Bolgheri, Siena, San Gimingnano where one can taste the superb Chianti and Vernaccia wines. If you are a wine connoisseur, no doubt you have heard about the Super Tuscan wines such as Ornellaia, Solaia, Masseto, Sassicaia, and Redigaffi made in to the town of Bolgheri on the of Tyrrhenian Sea coast, where some of the best Super Tuscan wines are cultivated.

South of Florence is another super Chianti region known as Badia a Passignano and Greve where the Gallo Nero wines are made. A wine tour in this area takes you through the stunning country side of olive groves, cyprus trees and vineyards, stopping at the small towns along the way, enjoying more authentic Tuscany cuisine.

In the province of Siena is the town of Montepulciano where the excellent Vino Nobile is produced. A wine tour here will take you along the sprawling hilltops and give you a glimpse of the beautiful vineries. Both Sangiovese and Canaiolo Nero grapes are used to produce the stunningly successful Vino Nobile.

Most hotels in Florence will organize a wine tour for you. Or prior to leaving home for Italy, you can find many wine tours online with a little research.  Make sure to take an empty backpack or bag because you will be returning with some bottles of the great Tuscan wines you loved best. The cost of a wine tour ranges from approximately $75-$200.  Before parting with your money online, make sure you check out the reputation of the company who is selling the tour.  Look at what other senior travelers have to say about the tour on Facebook etc..