Where to cruise this summer


Summer is the perfect time to take a cruise and explore a region by ship. Add excursions to your voyage and you have a wonderful vacation.  No need to pack and unpack suitcases as you move from place to place.   The total prices for cruises may include air and transfers, some excursions and beverages, but will definitely include the cruise itself and meals.  Often times you can receive early booking bonuses which will reduce the total cost of the cruise.  Whether you’ve always wanted to visit Alaska, Cuba, Hawaii, the Mediterranean or a place as exotic as the far East – there are cruises to just about any destination you can imagine.  Where to cruise this summer? We’ve got some suggestions for you.

If you want to visit the spectacular islands of Hawaii, Carnival Cruise line is currently offering May cruise dates starting from $1,029.  Carnival’s “Hawaii Highlights” cruise travels to five different ports of call. With departures from either Vancouver or Long Beach California ports, the cruise takes its passengers to Kauai, Honolulu, Maui, Hilo and Kona with plenty of excursions at each port.

If you’ve only experienced Cuba at one of the many Cuban resorts, there’s now a Cuba cruise for something different.  Air Transat Holidays has a cruise for travelers to discover a Cuba beyond the resort experience. The Cuba Cruise price for the seven day cruise includes air, transfers, cruise, meals and a free limited bar and beverage package of 8 drinks per day, per person.  Book this cruise early and you’ll quality for the early booking special.

Cruise this summer to Northern Europe on the award-winning Holland America ship.  The Northern European cruise is known as the 12 day Northern Capitals Cruise which sails from Copenhagen and visits the ports of Hamburg, Helsinki, Stockholm, Warnemunde (Berlin), Gothenburg, Kristiansand in Norway, the Oslo Fjords and then sales back to Copenhagen.  Prices begin at $797.85 to $4,000 depending on whether you book an interior cabin, an ocean view verandah or a luxury suite on board.

In 2013, Princess Cruise lines won the Travel Weekly Readers Choice award for “Best Cruise Line in Alaska for 10 years running.  If you are interested in a cruise to Alaska this summer, they are probably the cruise experts here.  Princess Cruises offers three different cruises to Alaska:  the “See Alaska Roundtrip Cruise,” (departures from Seattle, San Francisco or Vancouver), the “See More of Alaska” one way cruise (departures from Vancouver or Anchorage) and the “See the Best of Alaska” land and sea holidays (departures from Anchorage or Vancouver). Prices for these cruises begin at $603.90 depending on your choice of cabin accommodation.

We also highly recommend Princess Cruise Lines “Mediterranean Cruises.” There is a choice of sailing through the whole Mediterranean of the east and west ports or separate western and eastern Mediterranean cruises.

Royal Caribbean International cruise lines offers a variety of Pacific cruises to northeast and southeast Asia if you feel like an exotic cruise this summer.  Royal Caribbean also offers short five day cruises offering the best of Asia.  Ports of call include China, Japan, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Thailand. Priced from $779 and up all depending on the type of cruise, length of cruise and cabin selection.

Another type of cruising that’s become very popular are river cruises.  A river cruise offers the most relaxing and enjoyable way of seeing various parts of the world.  Two companies that offer excellent river cruises are Avalon Waterways River Cruises and Viking River Cruises. You can find river cruises in destinations such as Europe, Russia, Africa and Asia, as well as smaller river cruises in France, Portugal or Spain.  There’s an abundance of choice.

Whatever way you look at it, a cruise this summer is the ultimate travel deal.  Think of it this way: included in the price for a cruise is your “hotel room” (the cabin), your meals (superb dining at that) and the transportation between ports.  Occasionally you can find beverage packages or excursion deals which make cruising a true vacation bargain.  If you take advantage of early booking bonuses, your cruise vacation can work out to as little as $50 per day.  We think that’s a great travel deal!