Tours for Handicapped Seniors


Unfortunately for some of us, time wears on the body, and leaves many of us with mobility issues in our senior years. But if you’re like many retired people today, you still want to travel and enjoy a vacation. Although disability issues can be seen as a hindrance, vacations are still possible to enjoy. Traveling is a healthy occupation and taking vacations can and should be enjoyable for everyone. The travel industry has realized this and know that disabled travelers make up a huge percentage of the travel market. Many travel agencies now cater solely to the mature traveler and will be able to offer tours and other vacations that suit your needs. Going on a tour can be fun and relaxing and even good for your health. For seniors with disabilities, traveling can be quite stressful especially if the proper preparation and investigation into a vacation destination is not in place before the tour.

If you have senior family members who are handicapped, you can make sure they have fun and relax while traveling by taking measures such as choosing a travel company that tailors its services to meet the needs of elderly traveler with disabilities. Below are some tips you can use to ensure planning a great vacation for your elderly handicapped family member:

Choose the Right Vacation Destination

In addition to selecting a vacation from a travel company to cater to all the special needs that you or your family member may have, you should also find out if the service provider you choose offers suitable tour destinations. If possible, chose a company that provides tours for handicapped seniors to destinations with mild weather since most seniors are sensitive to extremely low or high temperatures. Remote destinations are out of the question.  Avoid booking a tour with a company that offers distant and remote locations where it is difficult to access hospitals in case of emergencies. Choosing a vacation destination which has a long established tourism industry is one of the keys.  Additionally, do a little research about your vacation destination.  How are the roads and sidewalks?  Are they cobblestone?  Are they manageable with the disability of the traveler?  How are the exits and entrances to the hotel?

Make Sure Accommodations Offer Accessible Services

One of the key factors determining whether a person with disabilities has a positive experience while on a holiday is the type of accommodation offered. Make sure the travel company you select caters to senior travelers and is able to find handicap-accessible hotel rooms as well as convenient room service for disabled seniors. Any hotel you decide to book should provide rooms on the ground floor or have elevator service and ramp access on any curbs or steps.

Ensure the Mode of Transportation is Both Safe and Comfortable

Most seniors with disabilities have special needs that make it impossible for them to travel comfortably in some modes of transportation. In view of this, it is vital to ensure that the tour company you choose offers a comfortable mode of transport that is safe and travels at a pace that enables handicapped seniors to take regular breaks to rest or take their medications.  Most airports of the world now offer services for the handicapped traveler including transfer to the airplane and transfer between gates of departure and can accommodate a collapsible travel wheelchair.

Finally, it is important to note that, in North America many tour companies offer tours for senior citizens at discounted rates. However, the fact that a tour company offers special rates for disabled seniors does not necessarily mean that they provide tour packages tailored to provide accessible travel or comfort for handicapped seniors. As such, it is vital to conduct a thorough review of the type of services different tour companies offer before making travel plans for the mature traveler. Some of the leading companies that offer special provisions for handicapped seniors in their tour packages which you can consider include Disability Travel at and Accessible Journeys at