Top 8 Things to do for Senior Vacations in Oahu, Hawaii


A popular destination for senior travelers is Hawaii.  Hawaii is known for its beautiful landscapes, beaches and wealth of tourist activities – most will suit the tastes and interests of senior travelers.  Here are some our tried and true suggestions of the top 8 things to do for senior vacations in Oahu, Hawaii.


Taste a real, fresh pineapple in Hawaii – visit the plantations while sampling the freshest pineapple you’ll ever taste.

1)  While you’re on vacation in Hawaii, make sure you have a rental car.  Renting a car in Hawaii will make getting around a whole lot easier.  I recommend renting a jeep – the only way to go, and not much more expensive than renting a car.  You’ll see more of Hawaii in your own rented vehicle.

2)  Drive to the north and eastern shores. On the north shore, there’s the Banzai Pipeline beach, famous for the surfing.  Enjoy the beach as well as watching the surfers.

3)  Waimea Beach State Park is not to be missed, surfers, swimmers, sunbathers.  Gorgeous beach. Enjoy basking in the sun here.

4)  We had lunch at Jameson’s by the Sea for the best seafood in Haleiwa.  Address:  62-540 Kamehameha Hwy #1.  Dine on fresh fish, shrimp sandwich, shrimp everything and New York steak.

5)  On the Eastern shore, drive up to Waimanalo lookout and then visit the beach of the same name.  See one of our readers photos of Waimanalo beach here.  Bring your camera.  Send in your photos.

6)  Don’t forget to taste the pineapples, you’ll think it’s the first time you’ve ever eaten one. Visit a pineapple plantation and sample some of the freshest, most delicious pineapples you’ve ever had.

7)  Taste the local brews of Hawaii if you’re a beer connoisseur.  There are a few good local brews in Hawaii.  Try a coconut porter from the Maui Brewing company.  The coconut porter really impressed me, in spite of myself.

8)  Play golf at one of Oahu’s premier golf courses.  The mountains, palm trees, the greens and blue skies of Oahu, you couldn’t ask for a better golf experience.

Hawaii is a great destination for a senior vacation whether going it alone on an self directed Hawaiian vacation or all-inclusive Hawaii package.  It’s got a well-established tourism industry and plenty of fun activities for the senior traveler.

More things to do Update:  Love fishing and seafood?  Don’t miss the Hawaii Fishing and Seafood Festival in October in Honolulu.  Are you a music afficionado? Love jazz and blues?  You’ll want to attend the Oahu Jazz and Blues Festival which takes place in November.