Tips For Enjoying A Caribbean Cruise During The Winter Months



There is no better time of the year to choose to take a cruise and get away from the notoriously changeable winter weather of the United States. One of the main benefits of retirement is that you can choose to drop everything and take the vacation in order to avoid the worst of the winter months.

If you’re looking to sail away into the warmth of the sunshine then a Caribbean cruise is the perfect option for you. Cruising is a wonderfully easy and convenient way to take a vacation: you can enjoy all the luxury of your chosen liner combined with the convenience of taking organised excursions to see new parts of the world without any hassle. Caribbean cruises allow you to explore several different islands as part of one trip, meaning that they offer a diverse range of wonderful things to see and do, as well as excellent value for money.

Look For a Ship That Suits Your Needs

Most cruisers like the idea of travelling to several different destinations over the course of the trip, enjoying the finest quality food and drink included in their experience, and to generally being pampered and enjoying the luxury of their vacation choice. However, senior sailors tend to have other different priorities to their younger counterparts when it comes to choosing a cruise.

For example, they may well want to choose a cruise with a larger or more unusual itinerary choice, in order to avoid visiting destinations that they have already travelled to before. You may also wish to choose a liner that offers an enrichment programme and a host of high quality activities to keep the mind and body active and entertained as you enjoy your vacation. It is also important to consider that some seniors have mobility or health issues: If you fall into one of these categories then choosing a ship that has top-notch medical care which will be covered by your travel insurance provider or a ship with high levels of accessibility is likely to be high on your list of priorities. Your travel agent will be able to help you to find the right ship for you, and one which suits all of your needs and meets your most important priorities.

Why Choose the Caribbean?

The Caribbean is the most popular cruise area in the world, and because demand for Caribbean cruises are so high they operate all year round, making it the ideal destination if you want to cruise during the winter months. There are hundreds of different Caribbean itineraries available, meaning that even if you have visited the Caribbean several times before it is still possible to experience a whole new vacation that you haven’t experienced before. Crisp white beaches licked by crystal blue seas await you at every destination you make port. If you are still very active then you will find limitless possibilities for shore excursions, including the opportunity to explore beautiful cobbled ports such as Old San Juan, or enjoying water sports and duty free shopping on the US Virgin Islands. However there are pleasures to be found without leaving the ship: if you prefer to relax on the deck or on the balcony attached to your room to exploring and taking excursions then you can still watch the beautiful scenery pass you by without having to leave the ship: in fact, the views of the islands are most incredible as you approach them, making it the perfect destination for enjoying breath taking beauty from your armchair.

Incredible Weather

The best time to visit the Caribbean is between November and May: hurricane season is over then and the weather is wonderful. You can enjoy long days spent soaking up the sun, either on your floating resort or on a crystal white beach. If you like the idea of spending time on the beach then look for a liner that offers a private beach experience as part of its itinerary; although slightly more expensive, these beach experiences are much more relaxing as they are free from the hustlers and hawkers that many beaches in the Caribbean are sadly overrun with.

When you choose to visit the Caribbean for a winter cruise, you’ll find that there are endless possibilities to tailor your experience, ensuring you choose the right liner, the right excursions, and the right experience for you.