The Dubrovnik Summer Festival


The 66th Dubrovnik Summer Festival in Dubrovnik, Croatia is a wonderful festival event to attend if you will be in Dubrovnik this summer.  The Dubrovnik Summer festival, held in one of the most beautiful cities of Europe is also one of the oldest cultural festivals in Europe.  This year’s 2015 Dubrovnik Summer festival dates are from July 10th to August 25th.

The Dubrovnik festival highlights the best of the Croatian and Dubrovnik cultural scene.  France will be Croatia’s partner this year in the festival with the program entitled “The French Are Passing Through.”  However not only are the top artistic performers from France, Croatia and Dubrovnik on the events’ schedule but international guest artists are also on the program.

Music, opera, ballet, traditional dance, folklore, open-air cinemas and theatre make up the festival program held in various locations around Dubrovnik.  Venues include Dubrovnik’s palaces, atriums, historical buildings and town squares.

The tickets for various events can be purchased online at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival box office or by emailing,  telephone 020-326-107.  Ticket prices range around the 150 kuna price.

If you’re visiting Dubrovnik this summer, read more about the history and touring the city of Dubrovnik here.  There are also many good restaurants and cafes in Dubrovnik.  Our favorite restaurant in Dubrovnik is the Ragusa 2 for excellent wines, traditional Croatian and seafood.