The best travel agencies for seniors with disabilities


Today in the world of travel there are really no limitations on where you can travel if you are a senior with disabilities.  There are many possibilities.  Have you dreamed of visiting Europe, Asia or doing an African Safari?  You can no matter visit some of the most exotic places in the world.  Firstly, airlines, cruise lines and hotels and museums around the world have made their services accessible.  To assist you with your travel planning and your vacation planning, we’ve created a list of travel agencies for seniors with disabilities.

It’s also good to know that airports will cater of the needs of the mature traveler handicapped limitations. Airlines have made it easier for you to travel with a wheelchair or walker.  Before you travel, make sure the the airline is aware of your special needs.  Special requirements such as whether your motorized wheelchair can be completely or partially disassembled.  Also ask the airline to  for assistance in retrieving your mobility aid and luggage from the airplane upon arrival.

Hotels around the world have taken note of the disabled traveler’s needs and provide accessibility.  Elevators, hotel rooms on first floors and restaurant access enable all to stay as welcome guests.

Travel agencies, cruise lines and bus tour companies are acknowledging that seniors who travel may need something a little different.  These travel businesses now provided for those with specialized needs.  Even museums have added accessible entrances for all people to enter.

A few quick tips before we provide the list of travel agencies for seniors with disabilities.  It’s best to travel in the shoulder season from April to the middle of June or in September to October, November to avoid the discomfort of massive crowds and the summer heat.  Also, travel prices are slightly lower at these times of the year.

Don’t forget to buy travel insurance.  As a senior you may need it when you are on vacation and it is best to be protected.  Be sure to check the insurance policy for limitations and if pre-existing health conditions limit the travel insurance.

Remember to pack and travel light – it will make traveling much easier.  Carry all your medications with you in their original container in case you need to refill your medication while abroad.  Bring extra eyeglasses and a magnifying glass which will help you to read the small print on menus, schedules and maps.

For hotels, it is important to let them know ahead of room reservations that you want a room on the first floor.  Book a room near the train station to avoid having to carry luggage to your hotel far from the point of arrival.

Avoid using metropolitan subway systems if they do not provide accessibility access.  Many metro stations offer only stairs and escalators to move within the station.  Taxis are an easier way to travel within a city.

Here’s the list of travel agencies for seniors with disabilities.  We highly recommend if you have special needs to use a travel agency for your travel needs.  They save you time and work by advising the  airlines, cruise lines, coach tour companies and hotels of your travel requirements.

1)  The Flying Wheels Travel:

Flying Wheels is agency offering a variety of cruises, tours and escorted tours for people with disabilities to some of the most amazing destinations.  Japan, Peru, Italy, Central Europe are a few of the destinations available.  The Flying Wheels Travel‘s website is

2)  New Directions Travel:

This is a non-profit organization for people with disabilities, of any age group including seniors. Tours of Las Vegas, Disneyland, California, Washington and Italy can be found on the New Directions Travel website at

3)  Disabled Travelers:

Disabled Travelers assists handicapped travelers to find travel agents for reservations for many destinations.  If you’ve already decided on a vacation destination, they can help you find a specialized travel agent for Europe, Australia, Africa.  They can also help in the search for disability cruise specialists.  The website is

4)  Access Aloha Travel:

If you need help with planning accessible Hawaii vacations, we found a travel company called Access Aloha Travel.  They assist people with special needs in planning a Hawaiian tour or vacation.  They can help with accommodation booking, Hawaiian tours, wheelchair van rentals and cruises.

They only charge a small fee for researching a Hawaiian vacation for special needs.  If you book a Hawaii travel package with them, the flight is included.  For more information, planning accessible Hawaii vacations and tours, the website is

5)  Accessible Journeys:

The Accessible Journeys is for wheelchair travelers and travel companions.  They assist with vacation planning, accessible cruises and tours. In existence since 1985, their travel services for wheelchair and slow walkers include accessible group travel, tours, cruises as well as solo travel and licensed travel companions. To see more of what they offer in the way of travel for seniors with disabilities, visit

6)  Connie George Travel Associates:

Connie George Travel Associates is a travel agency that offers accessible cruises, river cruising and escorted motor coach tours for seniors with various disabilities.  Visit the website at

7)   Easy Access Travel:

Specializes in cruises for seniors with disabilities, disabled travelers and mature travelers.  Not only do they assist in cruise planning, but you can also find group travel, packaged land tours for all ages and
travel for seniors with disabilities.  Have a look at their complete travel options at

8)  Undiscovered Britain and Ireland:

If you’d like to discover more of Britain and Ireland, Undiscovered Britain and Ireland and you can find some in depth knowledge of touring Britain and Ireland.   This agency has knowledge of accessible bed and breakfasts to manor houses and castles.  At the Undiscovered Britain and Ireland, you can book customized tours and packages to Great Britain and Ireland.  For more information, visit

9)  Go Africa Safaris and Travel:

Accessible Africa is now available!  If you’ve ever dreamed of an African Safari, there is nothing to stop you. Go Africa Safaris and Travel agency offers holidays to Kenya and East Africa for seniors with disabilities. Visit their web page at

10)  Accessible Europe:

Accessible Europe with partners throughout Europe is a travel agency offering accessible travel.  These European travel experts offer seniors with disabilities, slow walkers and family group travel.  If Europe is where you are planning to visit and need more information on disabled travel in Europe, go to their website at