Long stay winter holidays in Cuba


Long stay winter holidays in Cuba are possible and offer another option for the retired person. If you’re seeking a way to escape the dreadful winter weather for an extended period of time, Cuba could be a potential destination. Canadians and Europeans travel freely to Cuba. Things are changing quickly for Americans making this a viable long stay vacation choice.

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The Hotel Riviera in Havana


Cuba attracts more than 2 million people a year and is considered as a major source of revenue for the island. Since 1990, Cuba has been building resort hotels all over the island in an effort to build revenues from its tourism industry. Cuba is a hotspot when it comes to tourism (consisting of mostly of tourists from Europe, Canada,

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Hotel Nacional in Havana


Close to the heart of Havana in the neighborhood of Vedado, stands an old world luxury hotel on a hill overlooking the city, the Malecón and the Caribbean Sea. The elegant Hotel Nacional de Cuba, is one of the finest hotels in Havana, offering scenic views of the Havana Harbor, the seawall (known as the Malecón) and the city. Cuba declared

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All Inclusive Cuba for Seniors


With the economy down, everyone is trying to hold on to their money.  It seems no one wants to enjoy life anymore because they think they can’t. Seniors are most likely living on a fixed income but still want to travel and find a bargain winter escape vacation in the process. For those who don’t want to spend a fortune and still enjoy traveling,

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