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We’re not as young as we were, not as sprightly as we used to be, we wonder where the years all went, we feel younger than we look and we still want to travel.  Mature travel for seniors can present some problems in logistics.  Maybe we gave up traveling because we find ourselves in a wheelchair or having to use a walker.  Senior holiday travel is possible still!  Don’t worry, I’ve looked into the subject of handicapped travel, whether with a walker or a wheelchair.  It is still possible, don’t despair!  I thought it would be a good idea on this site about senior vacations and holiday ideas to look into the subject.

First, the good news.  As the baby boomers become the largest per cent of the population with money to travel and take holidays, worldwide, the travel industry has responded.  Hotels around the world are slowly beginning to take note and provide accessibility in the forms of elevators, hotel rooms, and restaurant access.  Travel companies, cruise lines and bus tour companies are acknowledging that the seniors who travel, just might need something a little different and they are providing for our specialized needs.  Airports are slowly beginning to take note of the needs of the mature traveler. Airlines make it easier for you to travel with a wheelchair or walker – just make sure they are aware if your motorized wheelchair can be completely or partially disassembled when it is stowed on the airplane and, later when you arrive at your holiday destination, offer assistance retrieving your mobility aid and luggage from the airplane.  Even museums around the world are building or have already built entrances for accessibility.  All these travel companies and the travel industry in particular want to cater to seniors who travel.

What’s even better is that there are many companies on the world wide web that specifically cater to handicapped travel, whether you just want a slower paced holiday or intend to travel with a walker or a  wheelchair. There are even motorized wheelchairs that are made for traveling, are lightweight and can be completely disassembled. You can find  companies that design custom made accessible vacations for the traveler who wants a vacation at a different pace in all the wonderful holiday spots around the world.  You can even find travel companions for seniors which makes your vacation much easier than traveling alone. These travel companies specifically cater to seniors and disabled persons and will even book a vacation for you that will give you no nasty surprises once you arrive at your vacation destination.

Most cities have shuttle buses that will pick you up from the airport to your hotel and take you back again.  The internet is a great tool for finding out the information you need for senior travel with special needs.  Check out the airport transportation in the place you are going to visit and find out whether they have the transportation you need before you go.  You can hire private cars or large taxis which will take you around to the sights you want to visit.  Make sure you tell the hotel you have booked at what special needs you have.

If you are still doubting that you, as a mature traveler, have limited options, have you ever thought of going somewhere as far away as Greece?  There’s an online travel company called Christianakis Travel which offers accessible holidays for handicapped travelers to Greece.  If you have mobility problems, they offer  wheelchair accessible minivans and buses, and multi-lingual tour guides. Their website is at if you want more information on the possibility of senior travel to Greece.

Other countries for senior travelers to visit with ease in spite of  mobility issues in the senior years include Cyprus, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom.  All of these countries are now providing accessible travel for seniors and those with walkers and wheelchairs.  And, why shouldn’t they?  We seniors want to travel and we have the money and time to travel and want to do as much as we can in our later years.  We might not look as young as we feel, but get ready, we are traveling and we are still going to take our senior vacations wherever we want!  Any country with a tourism industry doesn’t want to miss out on the boomers like us who travel.

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