Senior Travel Tours to Africa


Many seniors have already traveled to most places in North America and Mexico during their younger years, with the kids or with their husbands or wives. However, when you retire, you have more freedom, more available budget and also more time.  The idea if more freedom, more available cash and more time, senior holiday travel can offer you much more.  For seniors who want more excitement and see a part of the world that is very different and also beautiful, a trip to Africa is definitely recommended for ideas for senior vacations.  What about a senior tours to Africa?  An African Safari?  How exciting is that? Unlike North American tourism, Africa is quite different. Africa is a continent that is diverse and rich in resources. The African continent is large and thus one should decide where one wants to go, for how long and what one would like to see. There are more than 50 countries on the African continent, each with its on culture, language, landscape, and environment.  Definitely a trip to consider for those seniors like me looking for senior vacations ideas.  These are your golden years, your best years and Africa is definitely a fascinating place you should add to your “must visit” places list.  You now have the time and the freedom to explore all those places you missed travelling to.

Some of the best countries seniors travel packages in Africa include Kenya, Tanzania, Egypt, Morocco, South Africa, Botswana, and Uganda. These countries have established themselves at major tourist centers and offer excellent organized tours for senior citizens. The majority of tourists who visit Africa go to visit game parks and reserves. Most senior travel packages organize road trips to view wild animals, think, lions, tigers, zebras and elephants and accommodation in exotic luxury hotels Africa. Each itinerary is designed to make sure that you enjoy your vacation in Africa and present to you, Africa in a new light.

As always, when you are planning your senior holiday travel, I always recommend that everyone should do some background research on the African country you want to visit. While most African countries are safe, sporadic crime is always a concern. There are ample sites on on the internet where one can get adequate information on most African countries and what they offer as vacation packages for senior tourists to Africa.

Africa is not only about wildlife but also offers birding safaris. For bird lovers, Kenya is considered to be paradise for bird watching. More than 4000 species of birds have been recorded in certain parts of Kenya during different seasons. Also available for seniors travel is the many cultural tours where you can view different traditions and customs of indigenous people. That, in itself is amazing and so interesting.  In keeping with the green movement, many Africa countries have become eco-friendly and use eco-principles when it come to water heating and agriculture. For seniors who love animals, adventure and the outdoor life, there are also tours that allow you to tent in the middle of wilderness and have a camping safari to always remember. Hot meals are served over woodened fires within vicinity of wild life.  The photo opportunities are numerous for those among you who are photography buffs and what to tour Africa.

For the senior traveller who has never been to Africa, one is advised to speak to a travel agent to determine what is the best place to visit and whether there are vacation packages available. One should ask what discounts are available for seniors and whether the packages are inclusive. Are you meals and beverages included in the price of the package?  Are side trips included and what is included on those side trips?  Most senior travel packages arrange everything from your air flight, hotels, and your accommodation. Meals are arranged on most tour packages. Be sure to mention to your travel agent that you are a senior and you can find out if there are any senior travel discounts available.  The majority of African hotels are similar to what we have in North America. They offer all amenities and terrific service. They aim to please their visitors.  Many hotels are located on game reserves where one can view both wild animals and enjoy some of the most beautiful sunsets on the African continent.

While one can go to Africa for any number of days, seniors will be more comfortable on a 14-21 day tour package. You don’t want to rush your vacation to Africa and end up tired and exhausted and not really enjoying everything.  Remember, your retirement years are your best years and since you no longer have regimented vacation time like those still in the workforce, you have time to spare.  Enjoy it! Short tours will leave you exhausted and rushed. Long tours could potentially bring you boredom but I highly doubt it when you have come to explore the dark continent of Africa.

Seniors should think about visiting Africa during the dry season which runs from May to October or during June to August. These are the best times for any senior travelling to Africa.  The weather during these times of year is generally mild and makes traveling more comfortable. The dry season also encourages animals to gather around water pools where they can be more easily viewed on your African Safari and you can get some great photographs.  For each particular country in Africa, check online for their weather forecasts because the weather will differ in different countries in Africa at different times of the year.

For your health concerns, seniors should not worry about food on the African continent. All types of food, including vegetarian is available. While food does vary from country to country, western style food is available everywhere.  Eat at the better restaurants and you should be okay. When camping on game reserves, there is also a local cook who prepares the meals over a fire.

For travel to Africa, seniors should take anti malarial precautions. No other health preventive steps are necessary.

Because of downturn in the economy, there are many discount senior tours to Africa available for seniors who would like to visit Africa. For a 7-10 day stay inclusive package, one can get great deals under $2,000. The tours include luxurious accommodation, meals, safari drives, and transportation within the country you are visiting.  Booking your senior travel tour should be done with a reliable travel agent and do your online research for other packages.  Pick what you want to do on your African adventure, compare the prices and what is available and then make an informed decision for your senior travel vacation.  These are the best days of your life, your golden years, and by travelling; you will find the rewards are many.

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