Senior Travel Ideas – The Grand Canyon


Senior Travel Ideas – The Grand Canyon

I figured that I should start writing a series on senior travel ideas and share with you my knowledge and travel experience.  This first article on senior travel ideas is about the Grand Canyon National Park.

First of all, I heard something great the other day about age and I thought I’d share this with you.  Age only matters when it comes to wine and cheese.  This is good to know.  So if you think that as a senior citizen you are too old to travel, well forget this altogether.  Senior citizens, baby boomers, call us what you like are traveling more and more these days.  There are all kinds of senior citizen travel organizations, seniors cruises and senior travel tours to places like Europe, North America you can go on. Age should not stop you.  Remember, you are as old as you feel and age is just a number. Over 5 million people a year visit this spectacular place.

If you liked to see one of the greatest natural wonders of the world, you have no further to look than the Grand Canyon.  It’s got to be one of the most spectacular places on earth.  And the good thing is that there are lots of organized senior travel tours to the Grand Canyon.  It is as simple as searching on the internet and you will find so many senior tours to the Grand Canyon National Park. You will also be able to arrange to have a naturalist guide to accompany you if you decided to take a hiking and exploration visit to the Grand Canyon.  This guide will be able to explain to you the geology and ecology of the park. Having a guide with you will make your Grand Canyon tour a richer and more interesting experience.

Most visitors to the gorge is accessible from the north and south.  Most people go to the South Rim because there is more there in the way of tourist facilities.  For a less crowded visit, go to the North Rim.  During the winter season, the Grand Canyon gets very cold, and the nights during the summer also get quite chilled.  Make sure you are prepared for the cool weather in the way of proper clothing and shoes/hiking boots.

There are many Grand Canyon Tours and vacation packages available for seniors.  For the more adventurous seniors among us, it is also possible to arrange a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon National Park.  This would definitely be the thrill of a lifetime. Imagine it!

A little information for you about the Grand Canyon.  This scenic area is actually a semi-arid desert with some of the most amazing geological formations.  There is the Colorado River, with its vegetation and sandy beaches.  There are also desert cactus and even pine trees in some locations.  The Grand Canyon is very old, older than you and I – it is actually 1,800 million years old.

You can find lodging, hotels and camping sites in the area. Hotels such as the Kachina Lodge, the El Tovar Hotel, Best Western and the Grand Hotel are a few of the hotels in the Grand Canyon area. For camping within the boundaries of the national park, try the North Rim Campground.  You will have to book ahead to reserve one of the 82 spaces available.  There are no hookups but there are showers, laundry, gas and lots of hospitality. To book a camping spot, go to

In conclusion, if you are looking for a wonderful idea for senior travel you must not miss seeing the majestic Grand Canyon National Park.  It is an absolutely marvelous destination, whether you are a senior citizen or not.  Age doesn’t matter.