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Turkey was to be my first group tour after having traveled independently for 25 years.  I had always had my doubts about group tours, especially senior travel by coach or bus and was not very excited at the time to consider a group tour.  However, I thought I’d try a group tour to Turkey.  I  had always had the historical names of Troy, Ephesus, Pergamum (also spelled “Pergamon”) and Istanbul etched into my head,   So when I received an invitation to join a small senior tour to Turkey, some of them former work colleagues, I immediately decided to go for it. It would be interesting to try out a tour to Turkey with some people from my working days.

We chose a tour company called Key tours which is  a wholesale tour operator for the Mediterranean region.  The tour of Turkey was reasonably priced.  Our total land costs for 15 days $1295.00.  This included all hotels, all breakfasts, most dinners, land transportation, transfers, sightseeing and entrance fees and a full time tour guide.

Tours-to-TurkeyKey Tours provided us with a stunning itinerary for a tour of Turkey with a tour which included the Aegean sea area,  Istanbul, the Dardanelles, Troy, Pergamum, Ephesus and Aphrodisias.   But that was not all of the destinations.  Our tour then traveled to the  Mediterranean regions, Antalya,  and Aspendos. We then went on through  Anatolia  and then explored Cappadocia and, of course, a visit to the capital of Turkey, Ankara.  We then crossed the Sea of Marmara heading back to Istanbul for a few days to enjoy an extended stay because we liked Istanbul so much.

Our tour guide on the bus tour of Turkey was an absolutely first class guide who made the trip memorable with his knowledge, character, and attentiveness.  Transportation on our tour of Turkey was on a comfortable, completely modern air conditioned bus.  Our travel guide served us apple tea  when we were hot and tired after returning from the sightseeing in the various places we visited in Turkey.  Everything was run very efficiently by the bus driver, the tour guide and Key Tours.  I have no complaints.  Our tour to Turkey is now a fond memory.

My first group tour to Turkey was a good group experience with totally satisfactory hotels and food.  We visited and experienced enough history and archeology, seascapes, fabulous landscapes to satiate my traveling needs for the year.  We traveled at an excellent time of the year, in late September to early October, when it was warm enough to dip into the Mediterranean and the Aegean and the hotel pools as well. Traveling to Turkey at this time of year avoids all the crowds of other tourists too in museum lineups etc.

Overall, our seniors tour to Turkey was a good group experience with Key Tours.  I’d be delighted to go back again and do exactly the same senior tour to Turkey with more time to explore Istanbul. This tour certainly changed my mind about group package tours and have since gone on many senior tours around the world.



  • I’m planing a tour to Turkey. We are 3 people , 2 seniors 68 and 76, and my self 51. A couple and one single. Budget matter to us. Can you please help me to plan the best one.
    Best regards

  • Hi Maria
    I don’t actually help book vacations on the Senior Holiday Travel website. I just write about trips we’ve taken to give other seniors like myself ideas for travel. You should contact your travel agent for the best, personal assistance in booking a tour to Turkey.
    This tour group was the tour group I booked for my own personal trip through Turkey. It was really wonderful and you can book a trip through them as well.
    Hope you enjoy your trip.

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    We booked our tour to Turkey with Package Tours Turkey. We had a specific time to travel as my daughter was coming on her vacation and we do not have another slot. We were also a bit worried as we were booking from Kuwait and we do not know the credibility of the company in Turkey except through the web. However, the company proved to be very trustworthy and reliable. It was totally a 7 night 8 day tour.. We were greeted at the hotel by a staff from the tours team and she was very polite and made us feel comfortable from the outset. The hotel personnel at Muyan suites were extremely hospitable and reliable. Although a small hotel, it had all required facilities and was located in a central location at Sultanahmet. We had the first day free at our disposal and the Tour Coordinator advised us how to spend our time best during this day. The next day we joined the Istanbul city tour with the team and had very nice time with a ayand could not enjoy as much as we did on the previous day. The highlight of the day was how the company arrvery knowledgeable guide. The next day we went on Bosphorus cruise Our next location was Kusadasi and we checked in to Hotel MDC which was a cave hotel and also a world heritage site. It was a great exoerience for us as the hotel was fabulous and although the temperatures outside were very cold, the heating system inside the room was fabulous and hence we were quite cosy in our rooms. We had a large suite with two rooms for us and it was a memorable experience. The next day we visited Pamukkale and the guide who came with us was very knowledgeable and we had an enjoyable day. We returned to our hotel at around 6 PM. We rested for a while and left to for a dinner at around 8 PM when we witnessed the start of the first winter snowfall in Turkey for this year. We then went to Izimir by flight and checked in to hotel Charisma. This was a lovly hotel with a lovely Sea view and we were provided with 2 inter-connecting rooms here also. The weather here was fabulous and we had a nice time for the next two days where we visited Ephesus and the Travertines and the Temple of Artemis etc. We rturned to Istanbul and checked in to Muyan suites again for the seventh night and the eighth day was left to ourselves and we were picked up at the hotel at about 6.30 PM to go to the airport. A totally satisfying tour not only because of the enchanting places in Turkey, but also because of the wonderful organisation by our tour company and we felt completely at home. We even promised them that we would return to Turkey and use the same company again. I would not hesitate to recommen this company to any of my friends.

  • It sounds like you had a great tour in Turkey. Makes us want to go back to Turkey and explore more.

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