Senior Tours around the World


If you are either a single senior or a part of a relationship or just want to travel with your good friends, you want to find and book the senior tours around the world that are going to be perfect for you.

You don’t want to end up at some swinging singles resort such as a Club Med where you may be bothered by the shenanigans of the other guests, the late night noises, the music you have no interest in listening to and activities that don’t really interest you. You need to find one of the many senior tours or, more specifically, a company that actually specializes in senior citizen travel. You will probably want to stay with like minded people, around the same age group and with at least a few of your interests.

A travel agency may or may not be able to help you specifically if you are looking for senior vacations. Many travel agencies are set up with information for families with children, young married couples, honeymoon couples and young singles. Although these travel agencies may be able to offer you cruise information and book your cruise, it is much wiser to use an agency that deals with single senior citizen travel.

Some senior citizens have a partner, either a marriage partner or a friend that they will be traveling with. Other senior citizens may be traveling alone and concerned about actually traveling alone and perhaps having to pay the single supplement or the price of a hotel room for two people when there is only one person traveling. It certainly is nice to travel with other people your own age and who share common interests and common concerns.

As far as the single senior citizen traveler is concerned, it is possible to join any tour group, cruise or all inclusive package, but you will pay the single supplement – which means you might as well travel with someone else. Paying for two people in a hotel room when it is just you alone staying in the hotel room – this can get expensive.

Your best bet is to find hotel rooms, single friendly tours, or guaranteed share options or cruise lines that understand that the world does not necessarily always march two by two. A company which deals with single tours is going to be perfect for you. There are such travel companies around. A Guaranteed Share program is a great way to find a roommate and travel partner of the same gender and smoking preferences. In a guaranteed share program option, you will benefit – if they can’t find you a roommate – you’ll pay a cheaper single supplement or no charge at all.

There are organizations and companies that provide single senior tours and travel information on the internet. The following are a list of sources, mostly for the mature traveler, age 50+ you can go to for solo travel information and even booking. Before you make your booking though, check your chosen destination to see if there is medical help and services available in the location.

Choosing one of these tour operators for seniors frees you from care about hotel bookings, times of departures and arrivals, baggage handling, tips and gratuities and restaurant or tour bookings. In fact, all of the details are taken care of for you. These seniors trips and are taken at a more leisurely pace so you can enjoy the destination you are visiting and you will meet like minded people and make friends on your journey.

Senior Tours Canada at is a Canadian company that specializes in offering worldwide escorted tours and senior cruises for people age 50+. They offer seniors tours to many destinations of good quality and value.

The  Solo Travel Network (CSTN) at is another non-profit Canadian company which helps its members find travel information for single seniors. Members receive a newsletter and some helpful e-books. There’s lots of help on the website with travel tips for seniors, senior vacations, seniors cruises, hotels and tour companies.

Singles Travel International at is set up for the single traveler. Seniors cruises, senior safaris and trips are on offer. You can make the choice between the shared room option or the more expensive private room.

All Singles Travel at offers senior citizen cruises. If you book your seniors cruise more than 60 days in advance, you don’t have to pay the single supplement. Within the 60 days before the cruise, you can get a roommate to avoid paying the single supplement.

Hopefully one of these travel companies can help you out when you start planning senior tours or cruises around the world. Bon voyage and happy travel planning.