Senior Holidays to Cuba


Not far from the United States, known as “the pearl of the Caribbean,” Cuba offers much in the way of tourism. Since the 1990s, Cuba has developed many beach resorts which offer all inclusive packages to Cuba. Cuba has a strongly developed their tourism over the last couple of decades, needing to generate tourist dollars to support their

economy. Canadians, Europeans, South Americans and tourists from all over the world have enjoyed what Cuba has to offer for years. Only recently have Americans been able to travel more freely to Cuba. They have been visiting, but usually have the inconvenience of taking their holidays to Cuba by flying from another country and Cuba permits this by not stamping the passports of Americans. Hopefully, taking holidays to Cuba will become easier in the future for all who want to visit. Cuba is a good choice for senior travel because you will get the sun and the sand at all-inclusive resorts and hotels. The prices are still cheap and the country has a lot to offer.

holidays-to-cubaFor the rest of us and especially seniors, there’s many places for senior travel in Cuba, many hotels in and many beautiful all inclusive resorts. It is also possible to find hotels in Havana, if you’d like more than just a beach vacation at a resort for your holidays to Cuba. The prices for resorts and hotel packages are all reasonable, in comparison to other Caribbean vacations. So Cuba is a good option for senior travel in the winter time. Retirees can decide where they want to go in Cuba, what type of resort to will suit them and book a hotel online.

However, for those senior travelers interested in seeing Havana, it’s best to try a hotel package. A package holiday to Havana will include your flight, your hotel and your breakfast only. There are a wide variety of hotels in Havana to choose from. In Havana, you will experience a lot of culture, art, great historical architecture, a vibrant atmosphere, wonderful restaurants and famous bars. There’s a lot of entertainment too. We have chosen to go to Havana this year for our holiday to Cuba and have decided on staying in at the Hotel Saratoga in old Havana. I’ll be updating in the future with some photos and exactly what we thought about the Hotel Saratoga and whether its a good hotel choice for senior holidays to Cuba. This will be our second time in the city of Havana.

The last time we went, we did not stay in old Havana. We stayed at the Hotel Habana Riviera in Vedado, a neighborhood of Havana along the famous Malecon boardwalk. It is a classic Cuban hotel built in the 1950s and with a guest history of some of the biggest stars in old Hollywood. The Hotel Habana Riviera preserves its 1950s elegance offering large hotel rooms and a great view of the Atlantic Ocean. There are several restaurants and the main restaurant, the Mirador de la Habana had a great view over the city. For drinks and entertainment, there are several bars and a nightclub called the Copa Room Cabaret where you can be entertained and watch a show like the one at the Tropicana and then stay into the wee hours of the morning when it becomes a disco. Granted, we had a look, but didn’t stay until the early hours of the morning, sleep always gets the best of us. We had a nice view of the ocean and the swimming pool. A nice hotel specifically for senior travel on holidays to Cuba, but since it was further out in the Vedado neighborhood, we always had to take a taxi into old Havana to see the sights and dine at some of the other restaurants in Havana.

For holidays to Cuba, you have the option to choose a seven or 14 day all inclusive vacation and if you want, combine it with a few days in Varadero if you also want to relax on the beach and experience a Cuban resort vacation as well as the culture of the city. Varadero is beautiful as a resort vacation with a magnificent white sand beach which was very pleasant. Our all inclusive resort in Varadero was the Sol Palmeras resort for that all inclusive senior vacation.

holidays-to-cubaAll inclusive resorts in Cuba are dotted along the beautiful coastline of the entire island of Cuba. Many resorts are new and provide all the comforts we retirees have come to expect of an all inclusive vacation. If you are in need of accessible resorts, many of the resorts and hotels in Cuba have a few rooms on hand, probably realizing now that there is a need to construct so that hotels are accessible making senior travel easier for all of us. Check with your travel agent for a senior travel holiday in Cuba.

I’ll write in a later posting on some of the other resorts and hotels in Cuba we been too in a later posting. We’ve traveled all over so maybe we should share. Enjoy some of these photos of Cuba.  T’il later, Frank.