Senior Camping Vacations


There is no better time than now for seniors travel. Even though the recession is around, things have never looked better for seniors who have always wanted to travel. The majority of hotels have decreased rates and are offering large discounts to all tourists. However, to get the best deals for senior travel tours, one must sit down and do some homework.

The first question to ask is:   where you do you really want to go and what is your budget. Once that is decided, look for seniors travel programs and senior discount rates. Most travel agents will be able to give you some idea about the available programs, group travel tours or one can browse the internet. Seniors travel programs are cheaper because group travel always get bigger discounts than individuals. Further, many tourist agencies offer group tours and packages that are best suited to the senior. Senior tour packages means not having to wait in lines because prior arrangements have been made to access facilities such as museums, galleries, restaurants etc.

With the current economy being very shaky and many foreign countries not yet experiencing a recovery, most seniors may feel it is not worth spending money on a trip. This is understandable since many seniors do survive on a fixed income. However, being on a fixed income does not mean that one cannot enjoy life or go on a holiday. One needs to be creative, practical, realistic, and a little tolerant of limited facilities or services.

Most travel companies now make it easier for seniors and others to divide their travel payments over months. Sort of a fly now, pay later arrangement.  This way they can go wherever they want and pay up slowly over the months in the future.

The best way to enjoy a senior vacations is to be well prepared ahead of time. Proper planning will help you have a very rewarding vacation.  Being prepared gives you more options and gets you more discounts. If you plan to travel by car, carpool so that you can save money on gas, have the good company of friends and also save the environment while sight seeing the countryside.  If you are flying somewhere and then renting a car, it will give you the freedom to go where you want and see what you want to see.

For those who prefer to travel by car, remember become a member of the AAA just in case you run into an emergency. AAA membership also provides discounts at hotels and restaurants. Try and drive during daylight hours.  When we take a road trip, we eat an enjoyable breakfast and then set off in the car.  We always stop driving before the sun sets, having found our hotel during the daylight.  Time for an enjoyable supper and a relaxing evening.  This way, we don’t exhaust ourselves and tire out on a road trip vacation.  Choose some good driving music to accompany your road trip.  It adds some fun to the drive.  Best advice, get your car checked out thoroughly before you leave on your road trip and include an oil change before you go.

On the road there are many dining choices, but do not stop at the first restaurant you come across. We find usually that the hotel we stay in usually has a restaurant or can recommend a restaurant near by.  Talk to the locals and ask where you can get bargains. Many a times, there are countryside folks who have farms where they sell cheap fruits, vegetables and even offer home baked foods at low prices if you are traveling in the countryside.

One does not always have to cross the sea, fly to Europe or go to Africa to have a great vacation. All over the country, there are some great parks and campgrounds with excellent recreational facilities. The majority of national parks, such as the Grand Canyon or Death Valley National Park have small entrance fees and offer most amenities for camping. Electrical hook ups and water is readily available at most campsites. I have lots of friends that really enjoy, taking the RV on the open road and camping.   And there’s nothing like some good food cooked on the barbeque or open fire.  Somehow, the food always tastes better outdoors.  Furthermore, enjoying the natural beauty of your surroundings, getting a bit of fishing and hiking in on your senior holiday is loads of fun.

Finally, avoid carrying large sums of money on you. Best to travel with a credit card and/or travelers checks.  However, verify whether your destination even accepts travelers checks because they are now accepted less and less often.  Before you set out on the road have your itinerary planned and decide where you will stop over and which motels offer the best discounts. Check out different rates offered if you are a member of CAA or AAA.  Following these simple rules is not only safe but one can also have an enjoyable vacation inexpensively and stay within to your budget.  You’re never too old to enjoy any type senior vacations you want because you have the time to travel.  The world is in the palm of your hand.


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