River Cruises – A New Way to Cruise


We’ve always said that cruises are one of the best types of vacations for the senior traveller.  You’ll find a lot of information here about various cruise vacations.  Today, we’re going to write about another type of cruising and that is the river cruise vacation.

If you enjoy going on a cruise, have tried an Alaskan cruise, a Caribbean cruise and a Mediterranean cruise, now is the time to consider a river cruise.  There are many good companies available which offer this type of cruise, including AMA Waterways, Viking River Cruises, Avalon Waterways and Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection.

River cruises offer the most relaxing and enjoyable way of seeing various parts of the world.  No need to keep packing and unpacking a suitcase, checking into different hotels and traveling great distances to see different destinations.  As one gets older, traveling, changing hotels can be tiring – taking a cruise is the solution.  You can find river cruises offering such destinations as Europe, Russia, Africa and Asia, as well as smaller cruises in France, Portugal or Spain, so there’s abundance of choice.

Whether you book a balcony, a stateroom or suite largely depends on your budget.  Personally, I prefer a balcony because we like to be able to experience the scenery from the privacy of a little balcony.  Even if you book an interior room, there is the deck where you can enjoy a great view of the scenery or seated in the dining room by the window.

Don’t forget to enjoy the excursions of the various ports on your river cruise.  You’ll have plenty of time to visit each town or city along the way, led by a knowledgeable tour guide.  You can enjoy the history and geography of each place, have lunch and pick up some souvenirs along the way.

Prices are varied depending on the dates you plan to take a river cruise, the length of time of your cruise and the accommodation on board.  Talk with your travel agent to get an overview of what various river cruise lines offer in the way of price and destination.  Make your choice and then let your travel agent do all the difficult work of booking a cruise to ensure all goes smoothly for you.  We’ll update you in the future about various river cruise destinations.