Renting a Villa in Tuscany


­Florence is one of the most beautiful and enchanting cities of Italy which houses the greatest architectural and artistic wonders of the world. This city is the cradle of Italian Renaissance with its museums with their works of art, churches and villas which were once the homes of the aristocratic families of Florence. A visit to Florence in the province of Tuscany is a must for all those who want to soak up the rich cultural heritage of Italy.  Seniors will find ease of travel, a hospitable climate, plenty of choices for accommodation and healthy dining.  One of the  best choices for long term stays would be in one of the  enchanting villas in Tuscany or an apartment in Florence.  If you are traveling with a group of people such as family or close friends, renting a villa is one of the best options price wise.

In the city of Florence, it’s best to rent an apartment.  There are all sizes of apartments available for rent in Florence.  Depending on the number of people in your group, you can save a lot of money by going the apartment route.  You can eat out less, shop in the market and cook in the equipped kitchen.

There are many options for renting a villa in Tuscany.  One such beautiful villa  is the Villa Gamberaia, set atop the hills overlooking Florence. Built in the 16th century, the Villa Gamberaia  offers a breathtaking experience for the traveler. The gardens of the Villa Gamberaia, lined with rows of tall cypress trees in a manicured garden landscape can be considered as a work of art in itself. To walk in the gardens, sit down and enjoy the gardens is a sublime experience.  The magnificence and yet simplicity of the gardens is superb, making this villa a perfect example of a typical villa in the Tuscan countryside. Guests can stay in one of the four renovated houses which belong to the Villa Gamberaia.  Each house is decorated with antiques of the family that once owned this historic palazzo.  Not only are the guesthouses exquisitely decorated with historical pieces of art and furniture, they also come with all the necessary conveniences of modern daily life. You’ll find the Villa Gamberaia at Via del Rossellino, 72 Settignano.

Another villa in Tuscany to take a look at is the magnificent Villa della Costa situated in the hills above Prato, nearby Carmignano.  It is a private villa where you will experience  a luxurious stay surrounded by magnificent views of the Tuscan countryside. Florence can be seen in the distance.  With three bedrooms it sleeps six people.  It comes with all the modern amenities and a swimming pool.  It possesses the charm and loveliness of the traditional Italian life and offers  comfort to its guests. The Villa della Costa is elegantly decorated with Renaissance antiques, artworks and frescoed, as well as timbered ceilings. Among all the villas in Florence, this is the perfect place for a romantic getaway or for a relaxing, stress-free holiday with family or friends.  For a night’s stay here, you will pay from £205 – £287.  A week’s stay at the Villa della Costa is approximately £1,232 – £1,725, depending on the season.  It is located 20 minutes from Florence by car.

If you want to stay long term, renting a villa in Tuscany is fairly easy as there are many of these large renovated old farm houses and former palazzos to choose from.  Renting an apartment in Florence is the best way to go for a long stay vacation in Florence.  Decide on the area where you wish stay and use it as a base for your vacation to see the rest of Tuscany and Italy.  Your next decision will be on the length of time you will be on vacation.  Once you have established a base from where you will stay in Tuscany,  you can rent a car and explore the entire region and beyond at your leisure.  Add some city tours of Florence, take a Tuscan cooking class or two, enjoy a wine tasting tour and bring your camera!