Morocco Tours for Photos


Morocco is a remarkable country of diversity and distinction.

The imperial cities of the north, the High Atlas and desert dunes of the south.  Morocco really is an exceptional touring destination. It’s also a wonderful place for photography as I have found for the past 4 years.  As a Englishman, both travel photographer and teacher, I have photographed many times in Morocco and lead tours for clients who share the love of recording their travels. We explore the enchanting souks of Morocco, the Medinas of Essaouira, Fez and Marrakesh and the desert south and High Atlas Berber villages. Come with us and we’ll show you the best sights and introduce you to the real Morocco; Imperial cities, Berber villages, Atlas mountains, Sahara desert, and to introduce you to local families, local nomad, berber and Arab people within their communities and you can appreciate their culture and way of life here. You’ll have the most wonderful memories through your photos which will be the best around.

During your tour, either myself of my driver/guide will be dedicated to your trip. We want you to have the best time here. It’s as simple as that. We like to think our planning is the best, giving you the right itinerary for the kind of tour you want.

I’ve been travelling and running Morocco tours since 2011 with a local company – Wheels Across Morocco. They use Toyota Prado 4 x 4’s and Mercedes mini-vans and are excellent drivers and have a great sense of fun whilst giving you an insight into the cultural diversity of Morocco.  To view more of my work, please visit my photography website and the link Morocco tours website:

This traveller experience was submitted by reader Darren Lewey.  Submit your own travel experience here. Don’t forget to include your photo(s).


  • I can relate so much being an introvert myself. The first time I ever travelled solo I was so terrified of speaking to other travellers in my hostel (who at the time seemed much more worldly and interesting than me) I actively avoided the common areas. I’ve since learned that speaking to strangers can actually turn out great but that it’s also okay to not force myself if I don’t feel up to it. Thank you for writing this post!

  • Also I so would prefer to travel alone. Yes, I might sometimes like others’ company while travelling.