More Holiday Travel Tips for Seniors


I always try to place some helpful tips and tricks for senior holiday travelers when I find them.  You know, you can never have enough information when it comes to travel and its best to be prepared when embarking on your vacation.  If you want to read my other article on holiday travel tips for seniors, please have a read here.

You are probably planning your next winter vacation or cruise.  I’m planning my trip in November which is a cruise through the Panama Canal.  I’m traveling on the Princess Cruise Line which leaves from Fort Lauderdale, sails to Aruba and then to Cartagena and where we’ll spend a day.  After Cartagena, we’ll pass through the Panama Canal and dock for one day in Panama City.  The Princess Cruise ship then passes through the Panama Canal which is supposed to take eight hours.  Our other ports of call will be Costa Rica, Acapulco and on to our final destination which will be Long Beach California.  I can’t tell you how excited I am about this holiday trip.  I’ll write about my Princess Cruise Line Panama Canal trip when I get back.  The great thing will be that it will be very relaxed, we won’t be busy everyday.  That’s the nice thing about taking a seniors cruise for a holiday.

So having all the tips and information you need is mighty valuable and the internet is very useful when planning and researching your senior vacation.

One travel tip that’s not here that I just experienced:  carry your medications in your carry on luggage.  I foolishly packed my medications in my luggage and arrived at my destination on to discover that the airline had lost my suitcases.  The airline eventually returned my bags, but I was without medication for two full days.

Helpful Tips and Tricks for Senior Holiday Makers – this article comes from

“With the fall upon us, now is a good time to start planning that next adventure.

Whether preparing to embark on a great fall drive or a relaxing weekend getaway, Days Inns-Canada offers some useful tips for a hassle-free journey.
n Plan ahead: Research your destination and remember to book hotel reservations well in advance.

Look for national hotel chains that cater to seniors, with amenities including free breakfasts and free high-speed Internet access.

Give yourself a budget: Your next vacation doesn’t have to break the bank.
Simply decide on the type of accommodations you’ll enjoy and set aside a realistic budget.

Be on the lookout for travel deals like senior discounts, best-rate guarantees and vacation packages.

Remember to pack your proof of age identity card and any senior club-membership cards.

Security on the road: Before departing, make sure you have enough insurance coverage.

Always carry your supplemental travel- and health-insurance policy with you and review all insurance requirements before you leave.

Keep the telephone number of your insurer handy in case of emergency.
n Play it safe: Pack any medications or prescriptions in your carry-on bag and bring along enough medication to last you the entire trip.

Visit your doctor to learn about potential travel health risks before you begin your trip and consider preparing a first-aid kit for the road.

Stay connected: It’s a good idea to send your upcoming travel itinerary to a friend or relative so someone will always know your whereabouts.

Be sure to carry a prepaid phone card or cellphone so you can keep in touch from the road.”

Par of this article originally appeared at  Another tip I’ll give you is to check out the travel websites we have listed on Senior Holiday on our Resource page.  These are some useful travel websites we have found for particular destinations.

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