All Inclusive Hawaiian Vacations For Seniors


Hawaii may be famous for its surfing and its fearsome warrior culture, but it is also a great place to go on vacation, especially for seniors. The senior traveler can find so much to do in the 50th State, and there are a host of great packages available with a wide range of travel providers. Whether you want to enjoy beautiful sunsets,

whale watching, great cuisine, or simply some golf in the warm weather, then Hawaii’s islands can provide you with it all. Finding the best deal for all inclusive Hawaiian vacations for seniors is not that hard these days, with plenty of online operators and travel agencies offering some top quality deals.

When are the best times to travel to Hawaii?  During the months of the mid April to mid June and September to the middle of December, actually.  The weather is the nicest, the crowds are thinner and the prices for hotels and resorts are lower.  High season is when all the tourists come to Hawaii, during the middle of the month of December to mid-April.  Hotels and resorts raise their prices and there are lots of tourists.

Golfing Luxury

Golfers who head out to Hawaii should make sure that they visit the Big Island. Here, the all inclusive resorts offer access to superb courses, and there are many other venues to try, if you fancy heading out for some golfing adventures across the island. Many courses are professional standard, and, of course, the views are great. The Kohala Coast resorts of Waikoloa, Mauna Lani and Mauna Kea are especially worth visiting also. Expedia is one company which offers some great all-inclusive vacations with access to the golf courses, on the Big Island. Hawaii Sale! 20% off or more on the Big Island at!

Many all inclusive resorts on the Big Islands are also within convenient reach of Big Island attractions such as the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.  The Big Island is Hawaii and you might want to rent a car to get around so you can see the whole island or book some tours while there.  There’s plenty of walking and hiking you can do along the beaches, in the national parks, through lush tropical forests, on the beaches and coves. There are lots of activities and sightseeing which are perfect for seniors when they choose Hawaii as a vacation destination. A trip here to see the impressive landscape is something which no one who comes to Hawaii should miss out on. It goes without saying, bring your camera.


Like Paradise on earth. Hawaii is the perfect vacation destination for seniors.

Whale Watching Wonderland

The shallow Auau Channel between Molokai, West Maui (Lahaina and Kaanapali) and Lanai provides one of the best whale watching locations on the entire planet. Humpback whales gather around the Hawaiian islands during their breeding season, in spring, in May, and then usually stay until December. Growing up to 45 tons in weight, it is possible to see the whales from the shore. But by far the best way is to take a boat out to sea.

Molokai is also known as the ‘most Hawaiian island’ in the 50th State, with native Hawaiian culture still prominent. This is in no way better demonstrated than in the warm welcome that senior visitors to all-inclusive resorts will receive. The spirit of ‘Aloha,’ or ‘welcome,’ is strong in this part of Hawaii.

All inclusive Hawaiian vacations for seniors can be found by browsing online or stopping by your local travel agency, with many vacation package companies  providing a range of deals. If you stop by your travel agency, they’ll have lots of glossy magazines on Hawaiian vacations from all the travel companies.  Speak to your travel agent about resorts if you don’t like booking online and they can recommend resorts and hotels best suited for senior travelers.  If you have special accessibility requirements, make sure the resort hotel can accommodate your needs.  Finding the right all-inclusive package is important if anyone is visiting Hawaii, simply because there is so much to see and do and there’s lots of choice.  Hawaii is one of the more ideal vacation destinations for seniors because it’s been an established tourist destination for a long time and it still remains very beautiful tropical place to visit with a pleasing climate and plenty of services.