How to get the Cheapest Flight



Booking your flight. Did you know there are a few tips to obtaining the best prices on flights?

Are you a senior, a boomer, a mature traveler and you want to know how to get the cheapest flight?  Trying to save some money whenever, wherever you can?  Life is becoming more and more expensive for seniors and everyone as we all know. When is the best time to fly to your vacation destination?  Is there a difference in price when you book your flight?  Here is some handy travel advice for seniors, retirees and boomers and just about everybody else, no matter what your age.  We are all trying to save money these days, especially if you are a senior living on a fixed income.  The price, even of luxuries like travel is climbing these days.

First of all, many seniors traveling on vacation can take advantage of the senior discounts that many airlines and hotels offer to retirees.  However, if you’ve got time before you actually book your flight, you can try booking your flight on different days over a couple of weeks.  You will see that the price varies depending on what day you book your flight and when you plan to return from your vacation.  Traveling off-season is also a great time to book your senior vacation – for both hotel and airlines.  Hotels will reduce their prices on rooms and suites when the hotel is at 50% or less capacity.

The cheapest days to fly are on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday.  Book your holiday to depart and return on these days will mean that you’ll be flying on a time which is known as “off peak” days.  Off peak days are days when the rest of the world isn’t trying to get on the same flight you want.  One of the great things about being retired and/or a senior is that you have the flexibility of time – you are not limited by work schedules or vacation schedules like the younger crowd.  Also, you will find that the plane is less crowded and you may be lucky enough to have a couple of seats, more space for yourself.  A very nice perk!

Also, if you register yourself with certain travel sites, they will send you email notifications of unannounced flight sales – not posted anywhere else.  These notifications are called “Flight Alerts.”  I remember last year, I registered with one such company and was planning to go on vacation in November.  I received a flight alert of a cheap flight sale $459 to my destination for but I ignored it.  Once I started searching for flights a couple of months later, I couldn’t find a flight for less than $759.  I’ve learned not to ignore those emails which notify me of cheaper flights now, especially if I know approximately when I am going to take my holiday and need a cheap flight.

Hope you find these senior travel tips come in handy.  If you’re looking for more handy travel tips, check our Seniors Travel Advice page here.