Hotels and Resorts in Hawaii


Who said that vacations are only for the young and frivolous? Vacations are also meant for seniors who  like to have some fun and unwind once in a while in a tropical paradise. Just because one is retired  and has more life experience doesn’t mean they don’t need to relax and rejuvenate themselves from time to time in the sun.   Hawaii is one of the most popular destinations for a winter getaway vacation.  There’s things to do a plenty.  There is also a good choice of hotels and resorts in Hawaii to suit every budget.


Hawaii has some of the most captivating beaches on the planet. It’s the ideal island vacation destinations for seniors.

Hawaii is described as ‘Heaven on Earth’ and it is the ultimate location to visit if you are craving for a beach holiday in a tropical island environment. Do not let your age bar you from visiting this lovely vacation spot which has so much to offer in terms of places to visit and things to do!

As a senior looking for a vacation in Hawaii, your best bet would be to look for an all-inclusive vacation package designed especially for senior citizens.  This will be your  best value for money. If you’re seeking a beachfront hotel, resort or deluxe condominium, Outrigger has one of the largest collections of accommodations in Hawaii ranging from comfortable hotels, to beachfront hotels to luxury condominiums.  These hotels and condos can be found  on different Hawaiian Islands and cities such as Honolulu (Oahu), Kona on the island of Hawaii, Lihue in Kauai and Kahului in Maui.  Their hotels are located   in some of the most desirable beachfront locations in Hawaii.

Most of the seniors  visiting Hawaii prefer to stay at hotels, resorts or deluxe condos. Whether you are seeking  luxury accommodation or a comfortable hotel, you can easily book it in advance directly with your travel agent if you like someone looking after your arrangements, worry-free.  If you are comfortable on the internet, you can visit the website and make your travel arrangements yourself.  WestJet airlines is currently offering flight and hotel vacation deals with the Outriggers hotels and resorts and condos.  If you book by March 24th,  your forth night is free.  The Marriot and Westin hotel chains also offer some fine hotels in Hawaii.  Many seniors  find  planning a vacation to Hawaii or anywhere for that matter, is easiest when done through a good travel agent.  A travel agent will have all the information on flights, tours, and travel deals all in one place and they take care of your details.

Some of the most beautiful beaches and spectacular volcanoes in the world are located in Hawaii.  There are plenty of things to do in Hawaii which the mature traveler will enjoy.  Don’t forget to inquire about discount rates for seniors from your travel agent.