The Hotel Saratoga in Havana


Where to Stay in Havana

After a tiring day of travel, we arrived by taxi from the airport at the door of this luxury 5 star hotel in Havana.  It was early evening,  and with one foot out of the taxi, we are blessed with the wonderful sight of the stunning entrance of the Hotel Saratoga.  A doorman attentively opens the door of the taxi for us.  When one arrives at the Hotel Saratoga in

Havana, you’ll know you’ve arrived. Renovated, its grand arched entrance surrounded by discreet and professional doormen, welcome you to a world of comfort and the art of being spoiled in this magnificent city.

The “Saratoga” has existed since 1879, but around 1915 to 1925 it was relocated to its present location in La Habana Vieja (Old Havana), as it is fondly known by locals and repeat visitors.  These guests faithfully return year after year to this vibrant city of music, heat, art and politics.   Havana is a city, they say, where people swear they feel more alive than anywhere else in the world.

The Hotel Saratoga is located on one of the main grand avenues of Havana at No. 603, Paseo del Prado. Taxis, American cars from the 1950s and even bicycle taxis pull up to the curb in endless succession seeking customers.  They want your business and are willing to show their customers the wonders of this amazing city.  Havana is busy, colorful and constantly frenetic with an energy you see in no other place.  There is always somewhere you can hear music from afar, the notes of Cuban son reach your ears, accompanying this urban madness.

Canadian, European and American tourists, Russian businessmen are among the frequent guests of the Hotel. These are often not first time visitors to the Saratoga. Many return repeatedly to this glorious luxury hotel in Havana.  Perhaps it’s the Hotel’s beautiful ambiance of another world, way back in time.  The design blends modern European with traditional Latin American.  Some suites have their own balconies looking out over the park and the Paseo del Prado, other suites overlook the inner courtyard.  Perhaps it’s the art on the walls, the ancient fairy clock in the lobby, the marble staircase which takes you to the Mezzanine Bar upstairs where a classically trained pianist plays at the baby grand.  It all depends on what you desire because, in Havana, anything is possible. The repeat visitors who come back year after year, come back to the beautiful surroundings of the Hotel Saratoga, assured of the style, quality and service at this  luxury hotel. Why even Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z visited Havana and found this the perfect hotel to celebrate their anniversary, much to the shock of the American government.

A strikingly attractive building from the outside to the inside, the Hotel Saratoga has been renovated to preserve its historical beauty but also to provide guests with every amenity and service they require to feel comfortable and pampered on their travels, whether for business or pleasure.

From the rooftop of the Saratoga Hotel, you can enjoy the almost panoramic view of  the cityscape of Havana, the bay and the Caribbean Sea.  On the rooftop of the hotel, you’ll feel as if you are staying at a glamorous resort –  right in the center of Havana.  There’s a restaurant, the Restaurante Mirador Saratoga, a swimming pool, lounge chairs, and the rooftop bar that serves the most perfect mojita (the secret is the freshness of the mint and Havana Club Rum!).  If you couldn’t decide between a vacation in an interesting city or a resort in Cuba, the Saratoga is the perfect choice to suit all those concerned.

hotel-saratoga-havana-rooftop-swimming-pool-at-nightIn the evenings, the pool is lit by a backdrop design of colorful lights.  One warm and gentle evening I shared a San Danielle pizza with my travel companion at the Restaurante Mirador Saratoga.  The San Danielle pizza is a thin crusted pizza topped with San Marzano Sauce, fresh tomato, prosciutto, spinach, mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses and a cooling glass of white wine served with stunning views of the Paseo del Prado and the monumental El Capitulio. Lights shimmering from the distant  apartments add to the sensations of the perfect light evening meal.

Our hotel room was a double with a view of the inner courtyard.  The two queen sized beds were adorned with Egyptian cotton sheets.  There was a flat screen TV which connected us to the outside world, but when you’re in Havana, who cares? The bathroom was luxurious and came with a separate shower and large tub, plush towels and white cotton robes.  Other amenities included air conditioning, a fully-stocked mini bar and a multitude of small snacks and beverages, a safe where our kept our valuables. There was daily maid service. We enjoyed the spa within the Saratoga that offered treatments and massages. Honestly, who needs more than this to be happy? With Havana outside and all this inside, you have everything. The world is at your fingertips.

There are other sized rooms to available at the Saratoga if you want something larger.  The suites have balconies on the street side of the Hotel with windows that stretch from ceiling to floor.

But there’s more to the Hotel Saratoga. Breakfast is served in the gorgeous Mezzanine Bar, in the inner enclosed courtyard of the Hotel.  Climb up the marble stair case to this enchanting place with its high ceilings and a couple of large  fans that spin lethargically from the glass ceiling.  A Cuban landscape mural on the wall dazzles with a play of gentle lights.  Enjoy the best coffee in the world, whether an expresso or a cafe con leche.  In the afternoon, sip on another mojito or any other international beverage or wine. Savour tapas, small dishes of delightful food prepared by the kitchen before another hot night in Havana.

For a serious dining experience, visit the Anacaona Restaurant in the Hotel Saratoga.  Whatever your tastes yearn for, be it food from a distant land or Cuban cuisine, the Anacaona has all on the menu. The interior is Arabic, intimate, exotic, with dark wood and marble, candles and colored glass lanterns like the lanterns that once lit Arabian nights. Follow your dinner with a fine Cuban cigar, slowly smoked over a dark liquor and more coffee, add enigmatic conversation and you have the perfect moment, without a doubt.

The elegant Anacaona Restaurant was once the home of the famous Anacaona womens orchestra of the 1930s. How sexy could that be? T’is a pity that they don’t play there today. Imagine that. Your mind drifts back to an imaginary past, where strangers would meet at the Anacaona in the Hotel Saratoga at say, 8:00 p.m. Over dinner of some kind of gourmet delight, you’ll share a bottle of a very fine wine, you’ll listen to the women of the Anacaona play.  Your meal is followed by Cuban coffee and a slowly smoked Cohiba cigar.  After dinner, you’ll go walking through the streets of a dark, warm Havana night,  streets filled with a thousand other people.

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