Hotel Gritti Palace in Venice


One of the best luxury hotels in Venice Italy would be the famous Hotel Gritti Palace, now a member of the Starwood Group’s Luxury Hotel Collection. Situated directly on the Grand Canal with a stunning view of Venice, the Hotel Gritti Palace was once the home of Andrea Gritti, the Doge of Venice.  Hotel Gritti is one of the most well known and celebrated luxury hotels in the world.

Originally built in 1525 for the doge of Venice, Andrea Gritti, it later became the official home of the Vatican’s ambassadors to the city. The Hotel Gritti Palace continues to be the attraction of the elite members of the world. Even the famous writer, Ernest Hemingway was a guest of the Gritti.  He described this luxury hotel as “as the best hotels in a city of great hotels”. Other clients of the Gritti Palace include the Duke of Windsor, the British Royal Family, the Princes of Monaco and many famous Hollywood stars.

The public rooms are of marble, some covered with fabrics, supported by beams decorated with the paintings of past doges. Carriages clocks adorn the walls as time slips by. Antique Venetian mirrors decorate the walls of the Bar Longhi leading to the Club del Doge restaurant.  The Club del Doge offers a superbe menu of gourmet Venetian delights with a terrace overlooking the magnificent Grand Canal.

The Hotel Gritti Palace has 91 spacious rooms and 6 suites superbly decorated in cool creams, blues, marble floors.  Some rooms are a pale yellow with windows of a view of the Canal.  Magnificently sculpted headboards adorn the beds. The beautiful antique furnishings and exquisite decorations lend to the atmosphere of luxury, comfort and elegance. Traditional Venetian chandeliers hang from the ceilings and swagged curtains dress the windows which open to the beautiful views of Venice. Attentive service and every courtesy is provided for all your requirements and awaits you as the guest of the Gritti.

Choosing to stay at the Gritti Palace is an excellent choice.  Check rates and availability for hotels in Venice.