Hotel Contempo in Managua


Hotel Contempo in Managua, Nicaragua, is one of those gorgeous, stylish ultra-modern hotels that anyone happening to visit Managua and a need to be delighted, must stay.  Stay a day, stay for longer, the Hotel Contempo serves up style, sumptuous food, endearing hospitality and utter elegance, enough to compete with any world class hotel anywhere else on the planet.

I’ve been lucky enough to stayed at Hotel Contempo numerous times when in Managua.  Well, let’s not exaggerate.  If the truth be told, I’ve stayed exactly four times.  Each time I visit the Hotel Contempo, I choose a different hotel suite at the Hotel Contempo.   There are 23 rooms in total.  I’m slowly making my way through the 19 rooms to enjoy.  Each hotel suite is individually designed, a blend of the Nicaraguan and the modern, each hotel room unique in its experience.  I’ve stayed in the Colonial Room when my departure from the airport in Managua (Augusto C. Sandino International Airport) is at the excruciatingly painful hour of 6:00 a.m. (God only knows why international departures are booked at such an awful hour).  Even when I’ve had to leave at such an ungodly hour, the staff at the Hotel have delivered me a coffee and a deliciously plate of fruit to start my day at 4:00 in the morning.

When my stay in Managua has been longer and more leisurely, I have enjoyed other suites at the Hotel.  My favorite is the Bilwi, a suite with two queen sized beds, flat screen TV, white leather couch in the sitting room area, plenty of closet space and a private, outdoor patio, a mosaic table and a large Jacuzzi tub.

The staff is heavenly and should you stay long enough, they will learn your name and serve you with a hospitality that is sometimes rare in many hotels you will find in the rest of Nicaragua.

Hotel Contempo is ultra modern, located in an upscale neighborhood of Managua and, some would complain, not central enough.  Yes, you must take a taxi everywhere, but heavens, for those that know Managua, you have to take a taxi everywhere, anyways.  What’s extra nice is that Hotel Contempo offers free hotel shuttle for both your incoming and outgoing flights.  About taking taxis to your other destinations, stop whining please.  Hotel Contempo will also provide you transport, anywhere else you want to go during your stay.

Lets discuss the art of dining at the Hotel Contempo.  Now, food is an art at the Hotel Contempo’s Azul Restaurant.  Expected to be delighted with a menu designed by French expat chef, David Dafonte who combines a Nicaraguan influence with organic produce and the French art of cuisine. There is a varied, delicious menu available should you choose to stay for just a food experience or more than one day.  Breakfasts, included with the cost of your hotel room, are some of the best breakfasts you’ll find anywhere in Nicaragua.  An omelet, perhaps, gallo pinto with a dash of crème, French toast, croissants or a traditional American breakfast is a lovely way to start a day in Managua.  Lunches can consist of an exquisite salads, choose from either the ensalada de mariscos (seafood salad of prawns and smoked salmon) or the ensalada de chef with proscuitto and a blue cheese with asparagus, it’s all healthy and deliciously fresh.  There’s a handsome croque monsieur, a seafood casserole and numerous other choices.  Dinner is a variety of meats, tender steaks and seafoods.  Dessert, why not try the traditional French favorite crème brulee?  If you are lucky, your dinner will accompanied by the grand piano and pianist Alexxander Mauricio at the keys.

I’ve not been able to enjoy a lovely breakfast and a café latté offered with the price of a room at Hotel Contempo.

Hotel Contempo is architecturally modern, a white construct, with windows offering views to the exquisite flora and fauna of the tropics in the hotel garden.  There’s a lobby bar, a swimming pool, a wine bar and quiet areas to sit and chat or drink a cool drink.  Everywhere you find yourself here, there are rare tropical flowers, rattan furniture, heavy dark wood trimming made by expert craftsmen.  Nicaraguan indigenous art blends subtly with the modern.  What more can I say?  It is modern and very refined.

Not in the mood for a hostel or a bed and breakfast or a cookie cut American style hotel in Managua?  Then isn’t it about time you tried out a night or two at the Hotel Contempo?

Hotel Contempo:  it pleases the senses a little bit more and goes the extra mile.  Luxury, Elegance & Class in Managua, Nicaragua.

Photos of the Hotel Contempo