Heaven on Earth Places Found at the Selva Negra Resort


Best described as “heaven on earth,” there’s a natural wonder less than two hours north of the capital city of Managua in Nicaragua.  Known as the Selva Negra Resort, in the mountains of Matagalpa, this ecotourism lodge and coffee farm is not to be missed.  Bring your sweater because it’s chilly and quite unlike the rest of hot and humid Nicaragua.

Nicaragua is a country that’s been actively promoting its tourism since about 2010. For a destination in Central America that’s safe, full of natural wonders like volcanoes, splendid beaches, and plenty of history, it’s a place to visit. Apart from the traditionally popular cities of San Juan del Sur, León and Granada, try something very different and head north from Managua by bus, taxi or private transportation.

First of all, be warned as we stated.  Although the rest of Nicaragua has the hot tropical climate, Selva Negra Resort is in the mountains.  It gets very chilly at times.  Be sure to bring warmer clothing such as jeans, sweat shirts or sweaters to ward off the cold.  Don’t say we didn’t tell you. You’ll be surprised at the difference in temperature when compared to say, Managua, which is less than two hours in distance by car.

For a superior ecotourism experience, the Selva Negra Resort has a lot to offer in the way of activities.  It’s not only a resort, but it’s also an organic coffee estate and bird sanctuary. It offers utter tranquility and relaxation.  For hiking, there are the mountains, the long road up to the actual hotel, the splendid natural gardens and the orchid sanctuary.  Apart from hiking and long peaceful walks through its pathways and roads, the Resort offers a very interesting coffee tour.  On the coffee tour you’ll learn how the coffee is grown and processed on the farm.  It’s also good to know, the delicious Nicaraguan coffee served at Selva Negra is Rainforest Alliance certified coffee grown right on the land.

Other activities besides hiking, night walks, bird watching and horseback riding include tours of the farm and their small cheese making shop.  Everything is grown organically and used in the restaurant.  On a side note, it is worth mentioning that the food is absolutely delicious because of its organic source and the restaurant’s “farm to table philosophy.”

Selva Negra Resort is the perfect ecotourism destination to spend the holidays with the family but it’s also known as a romantic couple’s getaway. The individual cottages/bungalows are distanced from each other in the setting of the forest surrounded by richest fauna and flora.  Each bungalow is tastefully decorated and comes with its own private bathroom.  Along the large pond in a separate building, one can find a row of hotel rooms.  In another building the Selva Negra offers hostel facilities.

If one needs a night of city entertainment, take a taxi ride down the mountain to the town of Matagalpa where you’ll find restaurants, shops and bars which offer nightly music entertainment.  Be sure to visit the famous white church of Matagalpa, a beautiful structure which dominates the skyline of this small town.

Selva Negra Resort should be at the top any experienced traveler’s list of places to see in Nicaragua. After visiting Selva Negra, one will surely never forget it again. It certainly is among one of the most beautiful heaven-on-earth-places on the planet.  Utter peace and tranquility.

Would you like to see more of this utterly peaceful escape in the mountains?  Check out our photos from our trip to the Selva Negra Resort: