Finding Discount Hotel Rates Online

When you first begin to plan a senior vacation, how do you find the best discount hotel rates online?  There are many hotel booking sites online and it can become a daunting  task going from website to website, trying to compare all the hotel rates.  Senior Holiday Travel is now working in partnership with Hotels Combined to offer our readers a convenient way to search over 30 of the best travel sites such as Expedia, Travelocity, Hotel Club, Hilton, ebookers, Last, Intercontinental and many more hotel sites to find the best discount hotel rates.  Now you can find the best hotel deals in to one simple search of over 30 travel sites.

By simply searching on your travel destination and the dates you want to travel, you will find the best hotel rates for seniors offered by every travel website on the internet.  You can then compare those rates and read trusted, verified reviews of each hotel and simply book online at your hotel choice.  For your next senior holiday travel vacation, book online.

Senior Holiday Travel with Hotels Combined is a hotel search engine that combines all hotel deals, from all the major travel websites into one free, quick and easy search.  They have been recommended, mentioned and praised by ABC, Today, CNN and Frommer’s.  CNN says “Hotels Combined gives you a darned good search.’  Frommer’s calls the results, “phenomenal!” and ABC calls Hotels Combined a ‘great website to help you save some cash.’

Hotels Combined is available in 220 countries, 23 languages and 120 currencies worldwide.

How to book a hotel here?  Enter your destination in the search box, your dates of travel.  Hotels Combined then searches the internet comparing hotel prices and availability from all the major travel sites and then shows you the best discount hotel rates  – all at once.  This simplifies your senior travel plans allowing you to quickly find the best discount hotel rates.  You can instantly compare the hotel rates, availability and taxes of all the hotel booking sites such as Expedia, Travelocity and and safely book online.

Save money on your hotel and spend it on yourself.  Enjoy any senior travel plans you have in mind.