Do I need travel insurance?


Do I need travel insurance?  This is a question you may ask yourself as you’re booking your next vacation.  If you are booking through a travel agent, the agent will also ask you this question.   It’s an important question.  If you decline the travel insurance option, you have 24 hours to change your mind and buy that extra “security” for your vacation.  You also have the chance to buy the security of insurance if you book your travel online, but you won’t have that 24 hour window of of opportunity to change your mind.

Insurance companies offer various travel insurance packages to suit your needs, where it’s a budget or “gold” pack.  Other insurance options depend on the type of vacation you’re taking.  There are even packages for cruise vacations if you’re taking a cruise.

Unfortunately travel insurance becomes more expensive for boomers and seniors because the risk of health problems increase as we age.  This is the reality, but don’t let something unexpected ruin your holiday. Your vacation is something you’ve dreamed about and saved up for over a long period of time.

You and your vacation is protected when you buy travel insurance. It’s an added layer of security. Here’s a list of what travel insurance actually covers you for on your holiday:

Medical Expenses:

Should you suddenly become stricken with an unexpected illness or should an accident occur, it will be very reassuring to know you purchased travel insurance.  If the unexpected illness or accident occurs and you need to go to hospital or visit the doctor, travel insurance coverage will ensure your emergency medical expenses are covered.

Trip Cancellation/interruption:

What if your airline or travel agent goes “belly-up.”  What do you do if there’s simply no flight available?

If your trip is cancelled for any of these reasons, travel coverage will save your vacation from being ruined by factors out of your control.

Baggage Damage:

Let’s face it, we all know the airlines are not perfect.  What happens if your luggage arrives damaged? Purchasing the correct travel insurance package will ensure you’re covered.

Medical Evacuation:

Should something devasting happen (Lord forbid!) and you need to be airlifted back to your home to enter a hospital – you’re protected.

24 Hour Travel Assistance

When you find yourself asking yourself, “do I need travel insurance?” ask yourself if you really want to live dangerously or can you do without the worry of something unexpected happening.  If it’s taken a year to save up for your vacation, don’t let it be ruined in an instant.  With travel insurance coverage, you’ve got that extra blanket of security should something go wrong. If you’re not covered by travel insurance, medical expenses as a foreigner in a foreign country will cost thousands of dollars.

I’ve used a couple of companies in the past for travel insurance and done price comparisons and found the best deals are those offered by Travel Guard Insurance. It’s not the best idea to travel without insurance and some countries now require that you have travel insurance in order to enter the country.  Find out what travel insurance will cost and obtain a free travel insurance quote from Travel Guard.