Cheap Eats in Florence


Like everything else in Italy and Florence itself, the food and dining is, in general, many a splendid thing. It’s organic, fresh and prepared with skill and art.  Tuscan fare is such a splendid thing that someone times the tourist or traveler will venture to this part of Italy solely to learn the art of preparing this cuisine.  If you love good food, somewhere in the future a vacation in Tuscany will be on your bucket list.  There are many trattoria, wine bars and restaurants throughout Florence where you can dine on magnificent food accompanied by the famous wine of the region.  For the wine connoisseur, there are even wine tasting tours.  For the gourmands among us, you will even find many Tuscany vacation packages which feature the food of  Tuscany and even, the preparation of it.  In other words, in Florence and Tuscany, you won’t go hungry and you’ll find much to choose from that is both healthy and very tasty.

Tuscan cuisine features wonderful breads, pastas, cheeses, anchovies, legumes, olive oil, fresh fruits and vegetables.  The olive oil is made from the various types of the local olives grown in the region and it is, needless to say, better than back home.  Pork, hams, sausages and beef is of high quality, free range and organic from the local farms.  Don’t forget to try Italian genuine pizza while in Florence.  Street food from the food carts is very tasty and of a high quality.  Sample the Florentine specialty “panini” which you can purchase from the food carts on the streets.   It can be eaten hot (caldo) or cold (freddo) served with unsalted Tuscan bread.  Cost for this quick meal with a bottle of mineral water is about $3.00.

The following is a list of restaurants and trattoria that you must not miss if you’re in search of some good and cheap eats in Florence.  You’ll also find plenty of bars and cafes for a snack, magnificent Italian coffees, conversations and relaxation while in Florence.  I’ll start with some of the cheaper places to eat, if you’re traveling to Florence on a budget.

Dine at a trattoria, instead of a formal restaurant is fun and will save you some money if you’re a budget traveler in Florence.  Wine bars also offer relatively inexpensive meals to accompany the great wine selections.  Again, stay away from the tourist restaurants which want you to part with as much money as possible.  Eat where the locals eat and you’ll find really good food that’ll satisfy your foodie desires and give you great value for your euro.

Casa del Vino, 16 via dell’Ariento, Average meal €10

Trattoria da Mario,  2 via Rosina, Average meal €20

Il Teatro del Sale,  Average meal £17, dinner costs €10 extra, because it comes with live entertainment,  18 via de’Macci, +39 55 200 1492

Sabatino,via Pisana, 2r (near the San Frediano arch), 055 22 59 55

Trattoria de Giorgio, via Palazzuolo, 100r (near the station),  055 28 43 02

Kocco, corner of Via Farini and Via de Pilastri, across from the Jewish Synagogue and Hotel Arizona, tel 055 234 4020

Le Campane,  pizza at Borgo La Croce 85/87.  Tel. 55-23-41-101

Da Noi (means  “Our Place” at Via Fiesolana 46.  Tel 05-242-917

Trattoria “La Mangiatoria”, Piazza S. Felice, 8.

Osteria il Buongustai ,Via dei Cerchi, 15r