Hotel Contempo in Managua


Hotel Contempo in Managua, Nicaragua, is one of those gorgeous, stylish ultra-modern hotels that anyone happening to visit Managua and a need to be delighted, must stay.  Stay a day, stay for longer, the Hotel Contempo serves up style, sumptuous food, endearing hospitality and utter elegance, enough to compete with any world class hotel anywhere else on the planet. I’ve

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Beautiful Hotels in Tuscany


The famous landscapes and attractions of Tuscany are what bring in millions of visitors from around the globe to this beautiful region of Italy. The rolling hills, vineyards, mountains, the historical monuments and sites, make the region one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. With so many tourists visiting the region, it does not come as a

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Hotel Lungarno in Florence


Florence, Italy holds an important position in world history and art for its prominence during the Middle Age and the Renaissance. In modern times, millions of tourists flock to the city every year to explore the museums, art galleries and ancient architecture. Among luxury hotels in Florence, the Hotel Lungarno, a 4.5 star hotel, owned by the Ferragamo Group of hotels

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Hotel Gritti Palace in Venice


One of the best luxury hotels in Venice Italy would be the famous Hotel Gritti Palace, now a member of the Starwood Group’s Luxury Hotel Collection. Situated directly on the Grand Canal with a stunning view of Venice, the Hotel Gritti Palace was once the home of Andrea Gritti, the Doge of Venice.  Hotel Gritti is one of the most

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