Hotel Contempo in Managua


Hotel Contempo in Managua, Nicaragua, is one of those gorgeous, stylish ultra-modern hotels that anyone happening to visit Managua and a need to be delighted, must stay.  Stay a day, stay for longer, the Hotel Contempo serves up style, sumptuous food, endearing hospitality and utter elegance, enough to compete with any world class hotel anywhere else on the planet. I’ve

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Cheapest Caribbean Destinations for Seniors


At the time of writing, there are several hundred all inclusive resorts scattered across the Caribbean, and additional resorts are being built constantly. The Dominican Republic is home to over 100 of these, and Jamaica is home to almost seventy others. In Mexico, the Cozumel/Playa del Carmen/Cancun area has over 100, and the remainder are distributed around different islands.

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Cruises to Cuba


Everybody’s been searching for travel options to Cuba since the US and Cuba started talking to each other again.  As of today’s date, there are currently two options for cruises to Cuba.  However, it’s still somewhat problematic for Americans to travel freely to Cuba because of the US government policies.  Hopefully that will change soon.  Today we’re going to discuss

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