Caribbean Cruise on Carnival from San Juan


Carnival Cruise line offers a Caribbean Cruise to some of the most spectacular islands in the Caribbean including St. Maarten, St Lucia, St Kitts and St. Thomas ports of call. The Carnival ship began the cruise from San Juan, Puerto Rico and ended up back at the port of San Juan. Perhaps this “close to home” cruise is perfect for a senior citizen winter escape vacation.  We ended up extending our vacation an extra two weeks in San Juan giving us time to really explore the city – the perfect thing to do when you are retired and can have a long stay vacation with no pressing deadlines to get back to.

Every fare is available. Our cabin had a queen bed, couch, enough space for a crib if we’d needed it and a balcony (an absolute must, for us). The cruise was seven days long. The entertainment was plentiful and we went to a few comedy shows in the evenings. There really was a lot to do and guests can get really involved in activities, meet new people and make some friends. On board the ship we found the food was very good.

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The ports of call on the islands were also very good, but we didn’t care about going shopping or sightseeing so we only did this just a bit. Our favorite activity was to get a ride straight to a beach and enjoy the day. The worst part was having to pack up to get back to the ship on time when we were really enjoying ourselves. However, as you probably already know if you’ve taken a cruise vacation before, if you are late, the ship sails! Some of the islands we visited are very poor, others are a bit more wealthy. On St. Maarten we took an exciting bus ride through a lush green jungle up some hills and then to the beach. From the viewpoint of the hills, we could see the whole coastline.

We extended our vacation by staying an extra two weeks in Puerto Rico. We stayed at the Hilton hotel and would stay there again. The accommodations were great but it was a bit far from the center of the city. We ended up renting a car from Tilden to get around. Old San Juan is some 500 years old and worth exploring on a tour. We visited the Old San Juan fort built by the Spanish out of necessity because as they pillaged South America and Central America of gold, pirates would attack the ships. Today, the old fort of San Juan is a huge tourist attraction.

But the best part of this vacation was Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico has some great shopping, loads of history for history buffs, beautiful beaches, jungles, big metropolis and the American dollar. The cruise and extended vacation was a great winter escape!  Perfect for senior citizens like us!