Accessible Hawaii vacations and tours for seniors


Is Hawaii accessible to all travelers?  Yes, it is.  This very desirable vacation destination of six beautiful islands offer accessible Hawaii vacations and tours for seniors.  As a part of the United States, Hawaii comes under the Americans with Disabilities Act which sets out regulations to enforce the rights of disabled people.  From elevators which replace stairs, wheelchair accessible hotels and Hawaiian tour companies are just a few of the special services for seniors and those with limited abilities.

In Hawaii hotels are wheelchair accessible, van rentals are possible and many tours and cruises serve the needs of the traveler with handicaps.

Airlines offering flights to Hawaii will assist you with any requirements you may have such as transporting a wheelchair.  You must make arrangements with the airline at least 24 hours ahead of your flight.  If you use the services of a travel agent, they will do this for you.  Verify with the travel agent that they have done this for you.

Public transportation on the Island is available on the Hele-On-Bus from the Hawaii County Mass Transit Agency.  The buses are wheelchair accessible.  For schedules and further information, call (808) 961-8744.

If you need help with planning accessible Hawaii vacations, we found a travel company called Access Aloha Travel.  They assist people with special needs in planning a Hawaiian tour or vacation.  They can help with accommodation booking, Hawaiian tours, wheelchair van rentals and cruises.

They only charge a small fee for researching a Hawaiian vacation for special needs.  If you book a Hawaii travel package with them, the flight is included.  For more information, planning accessible Hawaii vacations and tours, the website is