AARP Senior Travel Discounts



Retirement is not an enjoyable prospect to many people because we sometimes worry about not being able to afford some of the necessities of life. We worry about money, health, healthcare, our family. But it needn’t be; there are also many benefits to retirement as well. For one, most of the boomers today are able to retire and plan to spend their retirement either traveling, pursuing their hobbies and passions. For the most adventurous among us, instead of traveling, we may make a move to living in another country where we can escape the winter climate and enjoy a lower cost of living. One of the great things about retirement are the many benefits organizations such as AARP make available to us. AARP provides a range of benefits and discounts to people who are fifty plus in variety of ways ranging from insurance, senior travel, entertainment, technology, work and retirement.

AARP is a non-profit organization which is led by a group of volunteers who make up the governing body. Situated in more than forty states across the United States, this organization offers an array of benefits for retirees in both the United States and Canada. Why I’m writing about AARP here is to discuss one of their areas of focus and that is senior travel discounts.

We all love to travel, whether its a coach tour to a neighboring city or overseas to somewhere more exotic such as Europe or even Africa.  AARP believes that age should not be a defining factor for travel and hence a lot of benefits and discounts are available to people over the age of fifty to make the experience of senior travel much more enjoyable and yet affordable with their many senior travel discounts. When you become a member of this organization – membership which is not free but reasonably priced – you are automatically entitled to the various travel discounts for such things as hotels, car rentals, cruises that AARP offers These senior travel discounts enable you to see and experience every nook and corner of this planet in a budget-friendly manner.

Cruises for seniors are a favorite among retirees as it offers the perfect way to visit many places in a relaxing and comfortable manner. But these luxury cruises can get too expensive for someone who is in the retirement income bracket on a fixed income. AARP works in close association with many cruise line companies such as  Blount Small Ship Adventures, Hurtigruten Cruises, MSC Cruises, Variety Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Lines, to name a few. Various discounts are offered by these cruise lines for senior travel. For example, you can cruise through the Red Sea, Mediterranean, Greece, Turkey and Adriatic Sea in a small ship, luxury yacht where AARP membership entitles you to receive a $75 per person discount. All of the cruise lines offer seniors  a percentage discount of the total cost. You must book early before your planned departure and request the AARP discount at the time of booking the cruise.

There are so many destinations, both domestic and international, that you can choose from for your travel as an AARP member. Some of the top favorites include the New England Foliage drives, San Francisco, Utah’s National Parks, European Barge Cruise, Galapagos Islands and many other cities and countries across the globe. An AARP member is entitled to senior travel discounts to all the places featured in the company’s list.

Apart from cruise deals, you can also get senior travel discounts for different kinds of tours such as small group vacations, escorted tours, hotel accommodations in different price ranges from economy to luxury and all inclusive resorts vacations.

Other senior travel discounts from AARP include roadside assistance, medical transport facilities and airport parking. AARP members are entitled to a 25% discount on car rentals from such well known companies as Budget, Enterprise, Hertz, Avis, and Alamo.

AARP works closely with Expedia to find the best travel deals for seniors. Senior travel is made easy and affordable by the hundreds of vacation packages which members are entitled to receive 10 to 25% discounts. So, pack your bags and embark on the adventure of your lifetime; do not let age stand in between you and a wonderful vacation.

Whatever your idea of a vacation is, whether it’s a road trip, an African Safari, a long stay vacation in Europe or a cruise in the Mediterranean, there are benefits to joining an organization such as AARP. Your retirement should be the best time of your life to do what you want, whatever kind of senior travel plans you have in mind. Don’t forget to give your AARP membership number or ask for your senior discount when you book your next vacation.

The AARP website is at  Price for a one year membership is $16 a year with a special offer – your spouse or travel partner can join for free with you.