• cannes

    A Long Stay Holiday in Cannes on the French Riviera

    Super glamorous and elegant Cannes on the French Riviera, the home of the famous Cannes Film Festival is, surprisingly, an ideal place for a long stay vacation in the winter

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  • arizona-sedona-longstay-vacations

    Long Stay Vacations in Arizona

    Arizona, one of the favorite destinations of snowbirds and senior travelers because of it’s wonderful climate and scenic vistas, is known as the “jewel of the southwest.” There’s plenty to do

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  • long-stay-vacations-portugal

    Long Stay European Vacations

    Many retired North Americans are opting for long stay European vacations not only to escape the vagaries of winter weather but more and more are choosing more exotic destinations other

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  • beach-in-algarve-portugal-long-stay

    A Long Stay Vacation in Spain and Portugal

    Well, we finally came to the end of our long stay vacation of three weeks to Spain and Portugal. We were in Lisbon for the final days of our holiday.

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  • tuscany, long stay vacations

    A Long Stay Vacation in Florence

      When you have plenty of time for a vacation, you are privileged and this privilege lies solely in the domain of seniors, boomers, anyone over 60 years of age

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  • long-stay-vacation-provence-france-patio

    A Long Stay Vacation in Provence France

    A few years back, my wife and I wanted to take a long stay vacation in France. We had retired, the kids had left home and gone on with their

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